We and Neanderthals, the difference is in the 'epigenome

Various - Science and Evolution

Uomo primitivoThe first map of the levels of gene activation, namely the epigenome in fossil of a Neanderthal and Denisova man has revealed that the most important differences with humans today relate to certain groups of genes that control the size and strength of the joints, but also a good number of genes in modern humans are associated with neurological and psychiatric diseases.

A different level of activation of the genes would be responsible for many of the differences that distinguish modern humans from the ancient species of Neanderthal cousins ​​and denisoviani. It 'is evident from a study conducted in collaboration with geneticists and anthropologists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Max Planck Institut

The Shroud reveals how much and how Jesus suffered on the cross

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

La Sindone rivela quanto e come Gesù soffrì in croce Editing- And 'one of the quintessential symbols of Christianity, the relic that does more than discuss all experts and researchers, the sheet that was wrapped with sacred body Jesus Christ.

We talk about the Shroud, Which continues to surprise. What is really belonged to the son of God is still a matter of debate; surely there are numerous elements that tell a story similar to that of the Redeemer, and of these, the latest discoveries made by two doctors and an industrial engineer, Who, after working for two years on the sheet, came to conclusions about what drugs and

Cl and the Community of Sant'Egidio, exploits with Pope Francis. Male Neocatechumenals

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

papa francescoMoment of maximum splendor for Communion and Liberation which, in spite of oblivion that has plunged its most famous exponent, Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan, following the non-election to the papacy, is living with the advent of Francesco page positive in its history.

of Francesco Antonio Grana -

Without movements do not sing Harvest. If you noticed it too Papa Francesco in the first year of his pontificate, juggling the demands of different ecclesial movements, Always in search of vision and especially the pontifical approvals to their work. Who is up and who goes down with Bergoglio?

Fourteen raping 12 women: no jail

Off topic - Estero

Quattordicenne stupra 12 donne: niente carcereHe raped 12 women, but only 14 years old, and therefore will not end up in jail. It happens in Manchester.

Editing-E 'accused of raping 12 different womenBut, despite this, not spend even one day behind bars. The reason? It 'a minor, just 14 years.

All rapes have occurred in Manchester, in the UK, where the law does not provide for imprisonment for children under 16 years. So the boy, who admitted he had abused the victims, women aged between 17 and 48 years, will not end up in prison but will be forced to undergo a year of rehabilitation.

The young man is

Critics' s Europe, you're a racist

Off topic - Policy

Critichi l'Europa, sei razzistaIt is a harsh reality, but it is reality. Nigel Farage is not prepared to lend him a racist and remain silent. It is not part of his temperament.

The campaign launched yesterday in view of European policies and the end of May has been too hastily dismissed as xenophobic. A trenchant judgment to hide the fears of Labour and Conservatives do not know how to straighten polls that give the Eurosceptic wave continues to grow. The slogan chosen by the UK Independence Party are tough, no doubt about it, but they are violently truthful.

In the European elections less than one month. The election campaign door-to-door Farage accounts

Canonisation: St Peter's back in the car Archbishop Wojtyla

Off topic - Chronicle

Canonizzazioni: a San Pietro torna l'auto dell'arcivescovo Wojtyla

(AGI) - Rome, April 23 - On April 27 in Rome will celebrate 'the canonization of Pope John Paul II and the millions of faithful expected, will come' from Germany is also a very special pilgrim: Marek Schramm, a German collector, of Polish origin, who in 2012 purchase 'l' car belonged to Karol Wojtyla to the times in which he held the post of archbishop of Krakow, before his election as Pope John Paul II on 16 October 1978.

Marek Schramm will come 'in the Capital also to bring a gift to Pope Francis machine's clock, not working, which marks the time of the death of Pope John Paul II, the hours 21.37. The special pilgrimage Machine

Germany. German Catholic Church has compensated 1,380 victims of child abuse

Radar Laicità - His stay ABUSO

660-0-20140422_200836_B0E674E8Paris April 22 (TMNews) - The German Catholic Church has compensated 1,380 victims of sexual abuse: it announced Stephan Ackermann, Bishop of Trier, interviewed by the French newspaper La Croix.

"This is a unique initiative in Germany, which does not exist in any social group or institution," said Ackermann, commissioned by the German Bishops' Conference to shed light on the scandals of sexual abuse by priests.

The purpose of the investigation is not only to establish "a precise assessment of the victims" but also to "build on what were the behaviors of criminals and church leaders over the past few decades," in order to compare the results with those of studies

What breaks into the cathedral during Mass, blasphemy and goes

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

Grosseto_Interno_DuomoDuring the function of the Resurrection, celebrated by the bishop on to midnight, an unrepentant blasphemer Tuscan entered the cathedral and, before vanishing, he upset the faithful with a loud curse.

THE ERUPTION IN DOME - The show man interrupted the liturgical function officiated by Bishop Rodolfo Cetoloni, leaving everyone surprised and saddened. It happened during the Easter Mass celebrated for the first time since Cetoloni, recently appointed bishop of Grosseto, right in the moment of silence that was to follow his homily was added to a young man who has passed through the doors of the cathedral and issued what has been described as "a scream cav

The Lumbard the second Conclave

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

Fumata conclaveMarco Tosatti -

A year away from the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, meeting some of the protagonists of the Conclave, and above all the months that preceded it happen to pick up a few pieces of the jigsaw of this extraordinary period. And which help to rebuild and climate events. It appears that there are few cardinals, after some time, more and more convinced that in fact the Argentine cardinal entered already pope in the Sistine Chapel. And the rest was largely scene, like - say - happens in these cases.

One of the important elements was, apparently, a dinner. It was attended, at the Vatican, in the apartment of a cardinal Lombard

Match of the Heart, the racket of Renzi for not respecting the rules

Off topic - Policy

There are rules and, as the laws must be respected. The concept is simple. But maybe Matteo Renzi thought to be a day above. The racket on his participation in the game of the Heart is in fact only a fuss but it hides, Not too well, l 'idea that Renzi has rules, In this case the torque conditions. He would have to first understand and stand back spontaneously. Have forced the political debate to take care of his participation in a football game is more than ever the confirmation of what is based the accusation that many have moved over the years, "Renzi is superficial and arrogant," for

That ugly Mess creed Downing Street

Radar Laicità - Latest UAAR

Sometimes we think that certain clerical skids are almost unique in our country. Not so. They are unfortunately very common in space and time, so as not to spare even Britain. That, as if that were not enough, the risk of drowning in his own communitarian ideology.

In the face of overwhelming advanced UKIP, a 'new' Eurosceptic party of the extreme right, the British Conservatives have not in fact been able to do no better than to brush up on the Christian roots of the country - something that, across the Channel, it means almost unpresentable especially the Anglican Church, whose raison d'etre now escapes to anyone. He started the minister Eric Pickles, the communities secretary loc

Armenian Genocide, Erdogan presents his condolences after 99 years

Off topic - Estero

(AGI) - Ankara, April 23 - The turkish premier, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, presented for the first time the "sympathy" of Turkey to the descendants of the hundreds of thousands of Armenians exterminated in 1915, in the last years of the Ottoman Empire. In a statement released on the eve of the anniversary of the start of the deportations 99Mo, Erdogan and 'addressed to the "descendants of Armenians killed in 1915." The theme has not only poisoned for decades relations with Yerevan, seeking recognition of the genocide of more 'than a million Armenians between 1915 and 1917, but it' s also one of those 'sensitive' in the process of approaching Ankara the European Union. Turkey has never

Baby ring: summary judgment for the eight defendants

Off topic - Chronicle

Baby squillo: giudizio abbreviato per gli otto imputati (AGI) - Rome, April 23 - They will be judged by the summary procedure (which in the case of conviction provides for the reduction of sentence equal to one third) of all eight defendants involved in the investigation Baby-ring that, from July to October of 2013, prostitution in an apartment in the Parioli and for which the prosecution has called in recent weeks for trial. Starting from May 16 will be 'gup Constantine De Robbins to evaluate the role played in this matter by the managers of illicit lap, the mother of one of the children and by some customers. Aiding and exploitation of child prostitution, sale of narcotics, possession and dissemination of material

If Stamina: 18 charged in criminal conspiracy

Off topic - Chronicle

(AGI) - Turin, April 23 - A Vannoni and 'objected to at the top of the conspiracy, the creator and primary author of the strategic choices of the fund. Investigated him for conspiracy, there are 17 other people, including his right arm Marino Andolina, a surgeon in Trieste and retired in August 2011. Same prosecution for Gianfranco Merizzi, managing director of the International Spa Medestea, which formed the "Medestea StemCells Ltd the stated purpose of controlling and coordinating the project, the so-called stem cells." As an organizer and participant of the conspiracy and 'also involved Erica Molino, biologist (not registered with) with

The 26 asteroids that have fallen to Earth in 13 years

Various - Science and Evolution

asteroidi collisione terra (2)Between 2000 and 2013, the Earth has been hit by Twenty-six asteroids.

In the majority of cases to notice were only scientists, seen that collisions have occurred mostly in the sea. Yet, each of these impacts has released an energy comparable to that of nuclear explosion and, in at least one case, it is exceeded by dozens of times the energy unleashed by the Hiroshima bomb.

THE EARTH IS VULNERABLE - It speaks to the British newspaper Telegraphwho interviewed the former astronaut Ed Lu, which explained that some of these asteroids were large enough to wipe out whole cities, and that would be sealed

David Vannoni investigation: The investigation of Stamina

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

Stamina, manifestanti bloccano a Roma Largo ChigiThe prosecutor of Turin has closed the investigation of Stamina. The suspects are twenty, including David Vannoni, Father of the method. Notifications defense lawyers are going to be a few minutes.

The ritual prelude inquiry notice of closure the request for trial.

The suspects, practically the whole entourage of Vannoni will have twenty days' time - once received the so-called "415 bis" - to ask to be interviewed or to submit memorials defensive or other documents. According to reports the alleged crimes are different in various ways by prosecutor Raffaele Guariniello against the twenty investigated. The investigation was

The Femen against Marine Le Pen

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

Femen contro Marine Le PenAppeared in training, with the Hitler mustache and a European flag painted on naked breast, where, however, the stars of a united Europe were willing to form a swastika: the protest yesterday by the implementation Femen in Paris, in front of the hotel chosen by Marine Le Pen press conference for the start of the election campaign National Front in view of the European elections in May.

FEMEN AGAINST THE "EPIDEMIC FASCIST" - "Epidemic fascist" with this inscription on the bare backs Femen, twenty, have implemented their protest against the French far-right party, while inside the hotel, the leader of the F

The fake cancer patient who earns 21 thousand dollars from donations

Off topic - Chronicle

finta malata di cancro 2He pretended suffering from cancer and demanded money beneficence to pay for treatment by him and other patients. It is for these reasons that Mindy TaylorOne 35 year old dell’OhioUnited States got into trouble with the law and will have to answer in court for the prosecution fraud and theft to the detriment of many donors.

PERSONAL EXPENSES WITH THE MONEY OF CHARITY - According to the findings so far by the police investigation, Taylor would be able to obtain funds for about 21 thousand dollars, the equivalent of 15 thousand Euros at current exchange rates, saying he had a stroke, lupus and cancer. In fact his medical records establish that the patient has in the past

Member of Big Pharma reveals the truth about Prozac

Off topic - Health

Membro di Big-Pharma svela la verità sul Prozac-Drafting-John Virapen is a former head of the Swedish branch of the Eli Lilly, A leading multinational drug. A 64-year-old man has decided to publish his memoirs in a book titled The regrets of Big Pharma.
In this volume, Virapen has found the perfect way to openly denounce the adverse effects and side effects of Prozac, Antidepressant drug used to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and so on.

"I know I have contributed indirectly, in all these years, the death of people, whose shadows, today, I'm obsessed," she confessed to the manager at the French weekly

Satire: Cricket as Aristophanes in fifth-century?

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

In February, during a news conference at a hotel, Grillo urged his "resistant" to not go overboard with the swearing because must be handled with care and told them: "I have done Forty years of boxes and squares and forty years that I send them to hell. It takes a certain authority to afford the bad words. "

The verbal aggression of Cricket,
foul language and epithets directed at political opponents when it's not just for women, and when they are not imbued with a certain misogyny, undeniably loaded with energy and effectiveness of its revolutionary message and

Defamation on facebook: Don questioned Carfagnini

Radar Laicità - His stay ABUSO

imageThe lawsuit is related to the case, Don Carli: the pastor of Firmian is also accused of making known the name of the injured party.

BOLZANO.The first act of the case against Don Gigi Carfagnini, the pastor of the Church of the neighborhood Firmian, sued for what is published on their facebook wall in relation to the conviction of Don Giorgio Carli on charges of raping four and a half years a parishioner that all 'material time he was eight years old.

As is known to one another Don George was initially acquitted for insufficiency of the evidence (with a court composed of three judges women), and then sentenced on appeal to 7 ½ years in prison. In terms of the sentence detention

Maciel affair, Monsignor Oder: John Paul II is not involved

Radar Laicità - His stay ABUSO

BAMBI10The founder of the Legionaries of Christ performed acts of pedophilia.

Vatican City (TMNews) - The founder of the Legionaries of Christ, Marcial Maciel, there was no "direct involvement" of John Paul II. To clear up any doubt is the postulator of the cause of canonization of Monsignor Slawomir Oder Karol Wojtyla.

It 'was made a special survey to make maximum clarity. From the study of the documents revealed a clear-cut answer: there is some sign of personal involvement of John Paul II in this matter. "On the Mexican priest founder of the Legionaries of Christ, a pedophile and drug addict, inquired with Joseph Ratzinger as prefect of

Vatican. Champagne, parties, boyfriends and luxury cars for the prelates

Focus - News choices

vaticanoEditors-An article delFatto newspaper revealed that among the bishops and cardinals of the capital, there are some very attached to worldly life:

"A cardinal was also made to mount the mini bar in the blue car, the champagne is always ready," says a source at the newspaper. In short, between parties, nightlife, shopping sprees and saunas in the apartments, the prelates seem to everything, but not men of the church.

The article also gives an account of official relations, which in the Roman salons are well known: it seems that a high priest is officially engaged to a

Priests in the Belluno area under investigation Bishop Giuseppe Andrich defends them

Radar Laicità - His stay ABUSO

131207manzan16The priests in question are 3. Allegations: child molestation and extortion. One of the priests had an affair with a married woman.

Belluno- The Bishop of Belluno-Feltre defends his priests involved in legal scandals.

In celebration of Easter, the Sunday morning at the Co-Cathedral in Feltre, Bishop Giuseppe Andrich, after the sermon on the resurrection of Christ has also added a "gesture of defense to the priests falsely accused by the press these days, a theme that the Duomo in Belluno had been present on the Thursday of Holy Week at the Chrism Mass, "wrote the Diocese.

The facts are well known: in recent months, in fact, a priest who works in Ponte nelle Alpi a man,

On this day: UNESCO celebrates World Book Day

Radar Laicità - Lay initiative

23 aprile1616 - The General Conference 'UNESCO proclaimed April 23 "World Book and Copyright Day"In order to make the world a tribute to books and authors and to encourage everyone, especially younger people, to discover the pleasure of reading and to respect the irreplaceable contribution of the creators of the social and cultural progress, stressing that the book is a strong tool in the service of tolerance, mutual understanding, multiculturalism, culture of peace.

The choice of this date was determined by the fact that on this day they died in the same year, two of

Argentina, the pope calls for a divorced

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

Even a phone call by Pope Francis.
This time it is touched with an Argentine woman, to whom the Pope has personally phoned to tell her that "a divorcee who takes communion is not doing anything wrong," in response to a letter of the same woman in which he expressed his discomfort to non- able to participate in the sacrament after he remarried in a civil ceremony.

Sabetta Julio, who lives in San Lorenzo, a town of the province (federal entity) of Santa Fe, in the center-east of Argentina, wrote on Facebook that he had s

The 'ambiguous relationship between young people and sex

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

Instrument of blackmail, serial and cold.
Marco Imarisio -

From the Internet to the lack of comparison with adults. Let's start by changing what is excluded. "When I found out I was ashamed of myself. I talked to him, with the feeling of explaining things that he already knew. Then I removed the computer and mobile phone, which is like depriving it of oxygen. But after a while I wondered what it was. He can not breathe, I miss the answers. "


Various - Atheism, and Freethought Anticlericalism

Former Secretary of State of the Vatican Monarchy, Tarcisio Bertone, will retire in his apartments Fresh restoration of approximately 700 square meters.
Only three serves the following cleaning and other household chores.
The Vatican still apply monarchy noble titles and Bertone is in effect a prince, though deposed by the monarch Better World.
The last trance of his old promises tiring, Bertone will defend its positions of privilege and power hitherto exercised with ostentatious splendor but is now opposed.

The void beyond religion

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

responds Corrado Augias

Dear Augias, a few days ago have you dealt with the baptism of the children of non-believers: "Two friends struggling with the baptism of their children." According to ISTAT in Italy in 1964, when I got married, civil marriages were 1, 2% of the total. Married at City Hall only a few Waldenses or Jews, some rare foreigner and the few "crazy" as me and my wife. Couples living together without being married were "non-existent" and "all" the children were baptized.
The bishop of Belluno told my in-laws, who wanted to secretly baptize my kids,

The Easter warlike of the two patriarchs

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

il patriarca russo kirillIn the words of the Orthodox patriarch of Kiev, Philaret, and in those of his powerful neighbor across Moscow, Kirill, the whole weight of the Orthodox churches in the clash.
Easter, the feast of freedom? Of course, it is so for those who believe in Easter. But not so for those who have listened to yesterday's sermons Russian Patriarch Kirill, and that pronounced by the patriarch of the Ukrainian autocephalous church, Filaret.

Kirill recalled the well-known theory that Russians and Ukrainians are "one people", and then expressed the hope that in Kiev there will soon be "legitimately elected leader." He did not say if Yanucovich both the model of legitimate election he had in mind,
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