Referendum Bologna, wins no to private schools

Manifesto referendumdi  Redazione - Cinquantamila voti per l'opzione A, 35mila alla B -

Il fronte contro i finanziamenti comunali alle scuole materne paritarie vince il referendum di Bologna. All’una del mattino i 700 dipendenti comunali al lavoro, coadiuvati dalla polizia municipale, hanno sfornato i dati relativi a tutte le 199 sezioni: all’opzione A, contraria alla prosecuzione del finanziamento comunale da un milione di euro, sono andati 50.517 voti (59%), 35.160 all’opzione B, che proponeva la prosecuzione del sistema attuale pubblico integrato (previsto dalla legge Berlinguer del 2000), pari al 41,00%.

REFERENDUM ON PRIVATE SCHOOLS - The referendum and 'advisory only, as per the Articles of Association of the Palazzo d'Accursio. But within three months, the city council must 'somehow decide the outcome of the referendum. The turnout 'was very low (85 934 citizens, equal to 28.71% of those eligible), basically a bolognese out of three. A fact underlined by the front of the B, led by economist Stefano Zamagni and collected, in addition to the whole Catholic world (and 'spoke with Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco), the Curia, the Democratic Party, the CISL and the center-right.

THE PD AND TURNOUT - "It seems to me that few people voted, and 'the state referendum with more' low turnout in the history of Bologna," said the senator and head of the Democratic National School, Francesca Puglisi. "The low participation and 'the index of a formulation of the referendum question totally inadequate for a useful discussion about the school." "Most of Bologna," concluded the parliamentary Democratic Party, "stayed at home 'cause you probably think it is a question entirely misleading."

The AE OPTION OPTION B - Across option A has counted on the support of the Left and freedom ', an ally of the Democratic Party at the Palazzo D'Accursio, 5 stars and the Movement of testimonial meaning as the constitutionalist Stefano Rodota ', the writers' collective Wu Ming actor Ivano Marescotti. Growing controversy in the majority, which culminated in a furious controversy a few days ago between the Mayor Virginio Merola and Nichi Vendola. A union also for the USB and the Waldensian church. "I think tomorrow will have to weigh all very good words and have respect for the citizens who voted," sends word councilor Sel Mirko Pieralisi.

THE OFFICIAL NOTE - "A very warm advice given above in our house", that 'in the majority of the center that guides the City. In an official statement the organizing committee of the consultation, Article 33 speaks of "strong message sent to the whole country." On the night of the proponents of the no funding to private celebrated with a cake in icing that brought a copy of the Constitution. In silence the mayor Merola, even if it should intervene at the press conference this morning at the B at 10:30. The A has summoned journalists to 12 at the Evangelical Methodist Church in Via Venezian.