Francesca Chaouqui, una bomba sexy che imbarazza il Vaticano

ChaoquiHe wrote tweets venom against Ratzinger and Bertone. Has released confidential documents. How did a character so ambiguous to be appointed by Better World in a very delicate papal commission?
Fabio Marchese Ragona -

A "bomb" in the Vatican. Indeed, a "bombshell" Oltretevere someone says, commenting on his artistic nudes published on the web.

In fact at this time there is nothing to talk instead of "time bomb" because Francesca Immaculate Chaouqui is not an ordinary person, but one of the seven lay members of the 'blameless papal commission, which was established on 18 July by Jorge Mario Better World, which is due to report to the Pope on the economic ministries of the Holy See.

The 31 year old from San Sosti (Cosenza), a few days in the cyclone is for some of his tweets venom about Benedict XVI ("He's suffering from leukemia '), the cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (' Corrupt ') and on the former minister Giulio Tremonti (" They've closed the account at the IOR because he is gay "), which is why he sued: the chirps that the woman, only officially, does not recognize as his were published on Twitter between 2012 and 2013, only to be immediately removed by the author after the explosion of the scandal in newspapers and TV. The latest scandal concerns a few clicks regarded as "ill suited to its task," even these mysteriously disappeared from Youtube only after the publication of some tabloid foreigners.

In fact, the life of Frances is all a great mystery: she will only know the official photos posing circulated on the internet soon after his appointment Vatican. But those who see Chaouqui every day in the office knows that things are very different: it is a petite girl who always dresses in jeans and sports shoes, almost never made up, do not wear any jewelry only on special occasions sports suit and shoes with blacks heels. Despite a law degree, the passion of Francesca Chaouqui is for public relations: thus came into contact with people more or less well-known high finance, journalism, the Roman nobility, until you get to the Vatican.

Lover of the great unsolved mysteries and yellow, she would have said to his closest friends to have great contacts in the intelligence services and masonry. Perhaps for this reason she has written that he had a friendly relationship with Giulio Andreotti, who is part of Opus Dei, that she was one of the crows that were going out documents from the Vatican. But the life of Francesca is something else: his motto has always been "combines the gossip," and it seems that in the end has brought good luck. His rise to the Apostolic Palace began in 2012, the year of the black Vatileaks, that the "papal commissioner 'can be considered the year of change. In the midst of the scandal on the leak of confidential documents from the Vatican Chaouqui (who writes in his resume that he had collaborated with the Prefecture of the Papal Household) becomes an important source of news for many journalists.

There are those who assures friendship with an editor Dagospia, to which the woman told the Vatican daily gossip and poisons, and that, as she herself confirmed, with Vaticanists of the Republic, to the thirty-one which would provide information on the Holy See , later denied publicly by the Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi. Francesca identifies herself in the stories of the Tiber and the various journalists have told of the existence of a "crow woman," a hacker disappeared from the Vatican or of a committee of "secret agents" set up by Pope Benedict XVI headed by a "coordinator , the real strategist Ratzinger, "which was responsible for seeking out the crows. But his stories, poisons aside, do not fear. What has created more embarrassment to the Vatican is the knowledge of the journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi with Francesca, author of His Holiness, containing the stolen documents from the Pope Paul Gabriel

The young man knows Nuzzi after the release of volume and began to publish on Twitter showered praises on the reporter, saying he was "proud" to his book. Public praise that Chaouqui dedicated to a former president of the IOR, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, phrases aimed economist (who has a good relationship with Opus Dei) that have attracted the interest of many people.
For a long time, in fact, the woman (who is following a training program in his parish dedicated to St. Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei) twittava quotes from the Spanish saint, inviting friends and acquaintances to read the Way (by the priest). In Rome, he attended the areas linked to the Opera, participating in conferences and seminars organized by the Fondazione Rui, bringing together the colleges managed by the prelature Spanish.

The thirty-one Calabrese is not a member of 'Opus Dei ("There's nothing wrong with" say the leaders), but is closer to the thinking of its founder, so as to have asked last year, a dear friend, to be able to know an outstanding member of the prelature to receive information on training courses.

Close to Opus Dei is also the sponsor and his confessor, who helped her to be part of the papal commission by presenting it in the Vatican. It is a monsignor Spanish with an assignment Oltretevere and sacerdotal member of the Sociedad de la Santa Cruz, the brotherhood that unites the diocesan priests associated with the prelature founded by Escriva. "I know Francesca best of my staff," reveals the bishop (as long as you do not publish his name) "those attacks against him are driven from within the Vatican. They do not understand that we have to thank her Nuzzi has not published all the material available to him. " "All false 'reply to the reporter, announcing in 2014 the release of a new book" worthy successor to His Holiness. " Friends and acquaintances Chaouqui Francesca begins to cultivate since May 2010, when he began working in the office's external relations of the Roman law firm Orrick.

From his office Chaouqui, organizes events and contact important people trying to engage them in various operations: for example, knows the blogger Mario Adinolfi, which is questioned by the young "Commissioner" in 2012 for some meetings regarding the public daily. The woman comes into contact with the entourage of Enrico Letta, through the study center "veDrò 'with the law firm and the group of the prime minister, the pr organizes events, one of the last July 24, 2012, at which the thirty-one tries in vain to expect the financier Alessandro Proto. Despite this, the woman, in September 2012, he manages to get a meeting with the businessman, who was arrested after February 14, 2013 for market manipulation and now under house arrest. Chaouqui proposes to acquire the newspaper Proto Luca Telese and other financial transactions.

"At that time," says Proto "Francesca, perhaps to entice, to drive said items in my favor on various sites of Italian gossip, but after my arrest began to go out, always on those sites, articles against me." 'Francesca' continues the real estate agent "I often spoke of the Vatican and its contacts within the sacred chambers (citing monsignori or cardinal), but I never did not give importance to it." A bullet, that of the Vatican, that Francesca could grow over time thanks to another very influential friendship.

Between 2008 and 2009 Chaouqui knows Marisa Pinto Olori del Poggio, ambassador at the disposal of San Marino, a member of the exclusive club Diplomatia (founded by financier Stephen Balsamo of JP Morgan) and president of the Messengers of Peace, a non-profit organization founded in Spain by Father Angel Garcia. Chaouqui comes into contact with the Countess thanks to a co-worker of the woman, thus succeeding years to participate in receptions Diplomatia even within the Vatican, where he can practice his skills as a pr with cardinals and clergy. Important meetings with the Vatican hierarchy (in addition to his private visits Oltretevere) also take place May 24, 2013, when the Spanish embassy to the Holy See held a benefit concert to support the association of which the countess is president.

The event is financed by the Bank System and Ernst & Young (accounting firm where Chaouqui working since March 2013) and on this occasion she makes friends with other clergy of the Vatican, especially from Spain. It is here that sees his friend Spanish priest who shortly thereafter would help her get into the papal commission, perhaps unaware of all those poisons Vatican. After all the pr Calabria with his tweet against the Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone (cardinal of which, today, she says, "faithful unto death") had exalted the season Vatileaks, a leak of confidential documents of the Holy See seems to have particularly affected women.

On July 18, the day of his papal appointment, Chaouqui transmits its leaders of Ernst & Young riservatoo material sent by the secretary of the commission, the Spanish Monsignor Lucio Vallejo Balda close to Opus Dei. In the file, in addition to cell phone numbers and email addresses of each member, containing the rules of the commission, which reads: "To use the internal reference of the Pontifical Commission, not for publication and is not for distribution outside of the Committee." A first mini Vatileaks Chaouqui weblog.

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