The bishop who gets the strap from 31 million euro

Franz-Peter Tebartz-van ElstMollica di Andrea - 09/10/2013 -
The residence indignant priests and faithful of the diocese of Limburg, as well as the rest of German Catholics, but the Vatican does not move

The Church of the poor by Pope Francis did not have to like a lot to Tebartz Franz-Peter-van Elst. The bishop of the diocese of Limburg has spent € 31 million to make up for his new home, a veritable palace that angers everyone, priests and faithful, who demand the resignation of Cardinal spendthrift.

THE BISHOP OF SUPER LUXURY - The Bishop of Limburg, in the Diocese of West Germany, has decided to remodel his home. The cost of 'construction project was planned in five million Euros, but this estimate has been largely surpassed. As it emerged from the work so far, the costs have increased sixfold, arriving at 'astronomical figure of thirty-one million Euros. And the new home of Franz-Peter-van Elst Tebartz could still grow, according to the sources of Der Spiegel reports on a case that is disgusting Germany, from Catholics as well as by the same prelates. The work soni started in 2010, and provided for the creation of a private chapel, a new garden, a cellar to house the relics, the vicarage, and a number of rooms for guests. A project already quite lavish, which has become even more ambitious in progress' work. In the 31 million euro are not calculated in the various jobs that the town of Limburg will have to make, such as the access road to the new residence, to make it accessible.

Indignation WIDESPREAD-Spiegel recounts how recently a meeting with the Bishop of pastoral character has become an 'opportunity to sfogatoio of the priests themselves against the head of their diocese. The religious have complained about the 'absurd spending exploded to unimaginable levels, while many of them are forced to make many sacrifices in order to keep alive the parishes. The chief priest of the town of Limburg, father Reinhold Kalteier, hopes to push the resignation of the bishop. Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, however, can not leave without a direct intervention of the German Bishops' Conference, as well as Pope Francis. The Vatican, however, has so far kept away from controversy, however, and has made it clear that you want to keep the bishop in his place. The Prefect for the Congregation of the Faith, Gerhard Ludwig Müller said enough to the discussions, as Der Spiegel remarks, saying simply that Franz-Peter-van Elst Tebartz will lead the Diocese of Limburg. Despite some of the choices that contrast with the 'hope of the Church of the poor launched several times by the pope.

FAILURE TO TRANSPARENCY - Among German Catholics, however, growing anger over this situation. President of the pastoral community of Frankfurt speaks of a state of shock caused by the complete loss of credibility on the part of the bishop of Limburg. His spokesman, however, try to defend Tebartz Franz-Peter-van Elst, noting how the same cardinal has learned the 'cost explosion, absolutely unexpected and not budgeted. The Bishop of Limburg is also known that the design of the new building has been decided before he arrived at the summit of the diocese. Clarification that not enough of a significant part of the faithful, even though, as noted in Der Spiegel, the situation of lack of transparency in the management of financial resources is the norm in the German dioceses. Even so, the German weekly highlights, it is possible that you will experience similar cases. The control is de facto non-existent, and consequently the abuse, as well as secret choices can be made without the diocesan community to learn about them.

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