The pregnant nun that embarrasses the Church

Suora nera14 February 2012 - It happens in Zimbabwe.
There are reconstructions still confused about the case of the African nun who became pregnant in a Catholic hospital in Zimbabwe. What is certain is that this is no longer a nun, being out of the monastery of the mission of St. Joseph in Kezi, location of the deep African country, rather than to the south of the nearest main town, Bulawayo. [...]

STITCHED MOUTHS - Everyone, demand, deny. But "Catholic hospital sources say that Sister Musvindire fell in love" with a confrere ", ie a faithful, who later would have made her pregnant. It 'a ruckus broke out after authorities discovered the pregnancy last November, which led to the expulsion of the nun who was immediately expelled and it was forbidden to wear the veil. " "The doctrine of the Roman Catholic", continues to remind MyZimbabwe, "asks the nuns and monks vow of celibacy and abstinence from sexual acts, and to promise to God that you do not entertain in these acts." Instead, sister Musvindire is clearly "fall prey to the pleasures of the flesh."

PLEASURES OF THE FLESH - From the religious authorities in absolute silence: "I know that he left the mission in early December, is no longer a nun," says Father George. The Secretariat of the bishop in the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Bulawayno did not want to discuss the matter. However, a source tells a different story: "They asked her to leave St. Joseph and is now a nurse in the district hospital of Maphisa. He lived at the convent of the sisters at St. Joseph, but the Church has removed, "says the anonymous source. "Other Sisters" continues Clerical Whispers, state that "the sister was pregnant for months when the pregnancy was discovered."

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