Pope Francis, the 'accused of Verbitsky: "I have the documents: he collaborated with dictators"

Horacio VerbitskyThe Argentine writer and journalist confirms the responsibility of the new pontiff during the regime of the generals: "The cards that I have found leave no doubt. Its part no request for forgiveness, only ambiguity. His election is a disgrace for the 'Argentina and South America. "
Giampiero Calapà - March 15, 2013 -

"A disgrace for the 'Argentina and South America."
It's fierce judgment of Horacio Verbitsky, Intellectual, writer and journalist in Buenos Aires, on Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected Pope of the Catholic Church.

Verbitsky - author of twenty books including The Flight (Which contains the confession of Captain Scilingo on flights of death) - is the main accuser of Better World: the new pontiff, for the writer - as reconstructed and documented in the chapter "The two cheeks of the cardinal" of his book The island of silence - "Has been a collaborator of the Argentine dictatorship of the generals."

Verbitsky, Bergoglio pope is "a disgrace to the 'Argentina and South America." Why? Because his right-wing populism is the only one who can compete with the left-wing populism. I imagine that its role towards our continent will be similar to that of John Paul II to the Soviet bloc of his time, although there are differences between the two eras and two men. Bergoglio combines the populist touch of John Paul II with the intellectual subtlety of Ratzinger. And it is more political than both.

What were the two Jesuits and Yorio Jalics in the slums of Bajo Flores? The Jesuits were living in the community and evangelizing the inhabitants of marginal areas, as a part of "Third World" of the Society of Jesus

Why Bergoglio would have to sue them? With the approach of the coup, Bergoglio asked them to leave, it tells him in order to protect them. According to them, that commitment to dismantle social disapproval. He was appointed provincial superior of the Society to the unusual age of 36 years and when he arrived, he began to play a role of submission to discipline, to an abstract spiritualism. A document of an intelligence service that I found in the archive of the Chancellery is called "New Argentine Jesuit expropriation" and states that, "despite the good will of his father Bergoglio, the company in Argentina has not cleaned up. The Jesuits left, after a brief period, with great support from abroad and some bishops Third World, have now embarked on a new phase. " This is the Note-Cult, cash 9 bibliorato b2b, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, document 9.

The documents found in his lengthy investigation in the archives of the Foreign Ministry in Buenos Aires, for she is the ultimate proof of the collaboration of Better World with the Videla regime?Yes, I found a number of documents that leave no doubt. In one, Bergoglio signing the request for renewal of a passport without the need of Jalics that came from Germany. In another, an official who advises the Minister receives the request to reject it. In another, the same official said that Jalics and signature, suspected of contacts with the guerrillas, had conflicts with the hierarchy, problems with the female congregations itself (which is very impressive), who was detained at Esma, the Escuela de Mecánica de la Armada (not seized but said prison) and who refused to obey orders. It ends by saying that these were the information provided by its Better World, now Pope Francis.


From Bergoglio arrived apology for the years of the dictatorship, in 2000, when the Argentine church "put on" the garments of public penance. He believes that not enough? There has never been a real request for forgiveness, always ambiguity. It is not the Church, but they are some of his children to have their sin and ask for forgiveness.

Characters very popular as Maradona or Messi expressed happiness for the election to the Pontificate of Better World. What have you been bothered? No. I wait to see what they will say Pirlo and Balotelli. It is obvious that there is a generalized triumphalism: the pope is Argentine, the Queen of Holland is Argentina, Maradona and Messi are in Argentina. But this says nothing about Bergoglio and on its merits. The Kirchner does not love him, he had the fighting on issues like gay marriage with Better World.

Do you think there will ever be a meeting between the pope and the presidenta Argentine? I suppose so, she is very accommodating with the Church. Never hides what he thinks, but try to maintain good relations and is against abortion. Same-sex marriage initiative was one of Néstor Kirchner, her husband, former president.

Bergoglio chose the name of Francis. Several appreciate it for lifestyle humble. Of course, it is one among a thousand symbols. The pope austere, like Francis of Assisi, who travels by bus and subway, using worn-out shoes, celebrating Mass in the train station for the poor, which has compassion amid the indifference of satisfied and corrupt. Conservative populism, which is essential to whiten tombs Vatican open for money laundering, pedophilia and the struggle between factions. It will be as simple as John Paul as severe, smiling as John Paul I, hyperactive and populist like John Paul II and Benedict thin.

Bergoglio said he had great respect for her, but that his book is "a disgrace." He never got to meet him? Would do now that he is pope? When I published The island of silence sent a priest to wonder why I did, even though we had a good relationship and mutual friends who introduced us. I replied with another question: I would have to do with the documents that I had found? Burn? Pretending not to have seen them? Now that would be a disgrace.

The The Daily of March 15, 2013

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