Pedophile priest unveiled by Senator

Mons. Ian DempseyGiacomo Galeazzi.
The Australian independent senator Nick Xenophon revealed yesterday evening, under the protection of parliamentary privilege, the name of a Catholic priest accused of rape and sexual abuse 45 years ago to the detriment of the 'current Anglican Archbishop John Hepworth, when he was a Catholic seminarian.
Xenophon had threatened to take the name of the priest in the Senate if the Church had not removed while investigating the allegations, and last night he did it: it is Msgr. Ian Dempsey, a parish priest in Adelaide, who for 20 years was chaplain of the Navy and later vicar general of 'archdiocese. The senator had asked that the Church destituisse the priest, the only survivor of the three accused [...]

the abuses committed for 12 years of Hepworth, since he was 15 years old. The bishop, who as a result of the abuse he had left the Catholic Church and is now the primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion, which aims to join the Catholic Church, had revealed days ago to have reported the abuse in 2007, the Archdiocese of Adelaide. "The parishioners have a right to know that for four years the Church leaders knew of the allegations, but they have failed to suspend Dempsey during the investigation," said Xenophon. The archdiocese had written - said the senator - imploring him not to appoint the priest, who today has categorically rejected the allegations. The same Hepworth said that revealing the name was not a solution and that he would ask himself to stop.