All the dark side of the new Pope Francis

Bergoglio Papa13/03/2013 - Proud opponent of gay marriage and 'abortion and is accused of the kidnapping of two priests during the dictatorship.
di  Maghdi Abo Abia -

La Nacion presents us with a glimpse of the new Pope Francesco I, aka Jorge Bergoglio, recalling how the 'Archbishop of Buenos Aires is a staunch opponent of gay marriage and' abortion and how in the past been accused of the kidnapping of two priests, occurred during the military dictatorship.

AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE - During the discussion of the bill aimed at legalizing marriage between two persons of the same sex, Better World published a rejection letter addressed to the four monasteries of Buenos Aires. These are his words:

"Let's not be naive: it is not just a political struggle but we talk about the claim to destroy God's plan"

Bergoglio added:

"Not only talking about a bill but a move aimed to deceive the children of God This is the work of the 'envy of the devil can enter with his sin in the world in an attempt to destroy the' image of God, or that a man and a woman whose job it is to grow, multiply and subdue the Earth "

THE DEFENSE OF LIFE - Same-sex marriage became legal July 15, 2010. As said the neo-Pope has distinguished itself for its positions contrary to 'abortion, considered abhorrent, even if required following a rape. Last September, following a Supreme Court ruling, the mayor of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri decided to regulate abortions prompted by a sexual assault. Bergoglio called the decision "regrettable." L 'archbishop of the capital warned in a statement that the' intention of the Mayor was intended to remove the supreme value of life and ignore the rights of the unborn. And in a document of the Argentine bishops 'conference said that "' Abortion is never a solution."

INVOLVED IN A RAPTURE? - Referring to a mother with child, the 'man of the Church explained that we are faced with two people and that is why both must be preserved, because life is an absolute value. But that's not all. In 2005, the Los Angeles Times he opened a dark chapter of neo-Pope because of a complaint by a lawyer who Bergoglio accused of being behind the kidnapping of two priests, which occurred in 1976. All 'time Francis I had already preached to become Pope, but was superseded by Joseph Ratzinger.

Old smears - L 'accusation, formalized in a court of the Argentine capital, is related to the involvement of' Archbishop in 'criminal act carried out under the military dictatorship. Was not actually specified the role of the cardinal but according to Argentine law can expose a person with little evidence in support of its argument. In 1976, Orlando Yorio and Francisco Jalis were kidnapped by soldiers of the navy. Were found in a field naked and drugged five months later. All 'time Bergoglio was the head of the Jesuits' s Argentina and all' era the charges were dismissed as "old slander." 
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