April 21: Rome celebrates itself and Augustus, in the middle

Various - Historical Events

Even on Easter Monday Italians are queuing up at the entrance to museums and archaeological sites. Strolling along the streets basolate Arniternuni and Alba Fucens in Abruzzo, or those Scolacium in Calabria, such as those of Pompeii and Herculaneum in Campania.

They stop to observe the ceramic materials of the National Archaeological Museum of the Marches of Ancona, the funeral of the Antiquarium state of Numana. Italians, as usual, they come back to rediscover their history. The festivities them closer together at a shareholders' then come back to see from a distance.

In Rome is double celebration. April 21 is celebrated the dies natalis of the city.

South Korea, cosmetic surgery and the changing identity: chaos border

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Sud Corea, la chirurgia estetica cambia i connotati: caos alle frontiereSouth Korea, cosmetic surgery and the changing identity: chaos at the borders - Repubblica.it

It seems that cosmetic surgeons in South Korea are the most talented in the world. For this there are lots of women who mainly from Japan and China go to Seoul for a few ritocchino.

But often it is much more than a simple touch and the features are altered, so that women just made are blocked at the border, because unrecognizable to immigration officials.

To work around this problem, hospitals South Koreans have found a solution: provide a certificate attesting to stay in the clinic and ca

Fertilization, pregnancy and motherhood: When the TV anticipates questions and answers

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

Falls prohibition of heterologous fertilization, political parties have their say in a moment, in the meantime doctors do not know how to behave, infertile couples as well, the Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin invokes as I could the intervention of Parliament, but the tv has already beaten all the time, experts and honorable, emptying the bag on the consequences, absolutely real, that the children born with the donation of gametes external face when they grow up. Without taking into account the history of the exchange of embryos Pertini Rome.

It is no coincidence that talking about it is just MTV the channel of teenagers, through a docu-reality

Mosque in Viale Certosa, the stakes of the center

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

Moschea in viale Certosa, i paletti del centrodestraViale Certosa, 146.'s No longer the address of a car dealership, as until recently. Will be the address of the mosque in Milan, the one who wants the City, to meet with the proposal that has come from representatives of Jordan.

The game is a good point, on the other hand is almost the Expo, when the city will host tourists and personalities across the world (including Arabic) and must ensure that all suitable welcome.

It is this concern that has driven environments Jordanians to move. And Palazzo Marino was glad to put the proposal to Viale Certosa on a fast track than de

Portland. Peeing in the 'aqueduct, emptied 143 million liters of drinking water

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

acquedottoEditing- The city of Portland, in the northwest U.S., it is seenforced to drain 143 million gallons of drinking water from the reservoir serving the city, after a boy was amused to urinate inside the basin.

The accident occurred at night when the 19 year old was approached a iron fence that surrounds the tank and is lightened.The young man and two other guys who were with him, taken by surveillance cameras, were arrested. Three years ago a similar incident happened in the same tank.

"We are in the enviable

How many beatings and humiliations cost me the loyalty to the king

Various - Historical Events

Quante botte e umiliazioni mi è costata la fedeltà al reProfessor Pier Luigi Duvina, doctor since 1959, specializing in pediatrics, cardiology, rheumatology, pulmonology and Phthisiology, 80 years remains what it has always been: a monarchist. He was 20 when, riding a scooter NSU, came in three days Florence-Cascais, 2500 km, to reach Umberto II in exile in Portugal.

"I came as he left Villa Italy with his aide-de-camp, General Peter Santoro, and I dared to introduce myself: Good morning, Your Majesty. Incredibly, the King of May, sat down with me on a wall. I asked him where he got here, he took note of the address, and then we stayed at. Then

On this day: born Piero Calamandrei

Radar Laicità - Lay initiative

21 aprile1889 - Born in Florence Piero Calamandrei, Journalist, lawyer, politician and university professor Italian.

It was one of the drafters of the Code of Civil Procedure of 1942, partly still in force, He always showed his aversion to the fascist dictatorship and, after the Liberation, he participated actively in the drafting of the new Setting-up

The advent of fascism led him to commit against the dictatorship. Hence the collaboration with Salvemini and then with the Rosselli brothers, with whom he founded the Cultural Circle of Florence c

Deterioration in school about to 'homosexuality

Various - Contributions

"Homophobia: a Church school censorship. Being gay in the classroom is an ordeal. But we were not a secular state?

Thousands of young people being targeted because of their homosexuality. Even among the pews. And when teachers try to address the issue are attacked by Catholic networks. In the silence of the institutions. What, indeed, are to head back before the first initiative against bullying. Accepting the allegations of the Vatican. "

This is the header of an investigation in the latest issue of L'Espresso. I wonder how it is possible that the school has deteriorated

We are Italian: are good gays and condoms but not the horns

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

CornutoYou have to admit: the election of Pope Francis seems to have approached many people to the Church but Italians continue to be away from his positions: this is what emerges from a survey made by the research Pew Research Center which surveyed citizens than forty countries on issues such as extramarital affairs, gambling, abortion, the use of alcohol, homosexuality, divorce, premarital sex and use of contraceptives.

Comes out of the framework of a country which considers morally acceptable to all but the extra-marital relationships and abortion.

Turin. An Orthodox church becomes sushi bar

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

chiesa corso inghThe Metropolitan Orthodox Church of England course is likely to become a sushi bar. Italian law provides that the churches consecrated can not be distracted by the cult, but this rule applies only to the Roman Catholic Church.

Editors-That may be the last Easter Mass in the Metropolitan Orthodox church, going to England to Turin. Built by the Sisters of the Consolata in the early twentieth century, in 2004, was sold to a real estate company that, after having given on loan to the Orthodox community, now wants to sell the building to a chain of sushi bars.

At launch

Iranian pop singer allowed to perform in public

Off topic - Estero

(AGI) - Tehran, April 20 - The Iranian government has authorized the pop singer Xaniar Khosravi to perform for the first time in public and hold a concert in Tehran April 24 that has already 'sold out. Khosravi and 'very popular in the country but, until now, had only been able to sing clandestinely or on the Internet because of restrictive laws dictated by Sharia law which impose a check on all the artistic expressions of the country. Despite this, the singer had already 'released an album titled '28'. Now for the first time Khosravi cantera 'with the permission of the government and in public. "I'm glad to see you all," the boy posted on Facebook, submerged

Ukraine: Yatsenyuk, Russia is undermining the established 'world

Off topic - Estero

(AGI) - Washington, April 20 - Russia "is undermining the established 'world": it was the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said in an interview on NBC a few days after the visit of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in Kiev to discuss the crisis in the country. "The world - said the Ukrainian prime minister - has reason to be concerned about the intentions of Putin." "Russia has violated the agreements and threatens the entire program of nuclear non-proliferation," he added Yatsenyuk who explicitly asked the U.S. support. "We need to be in shape to stop Russia so we need all the support of our Western partners." "We need to

From London to Denver back to the'' 420'', World Day of cannabis

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

Organized every year before the United States and then in the rest of the world, the 420 - or April 20 - is the sit-in dedicated global consumption of marijuana. Also this year, dozens of young people gathered to call for the legalization of marijuana

In these images, the international day of cannabis celebrated in Hyde Park, London

Berlusconi: Just euro foreign currency

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

Enough with the euro foreign currency. The slogan of Forza Italy leaves no room for doubt. Silvio Berlusconi enters heavily in the campaign for the European and, after doing his best wishes for a happy Easter to all his supporters, clearly trace the line that the center will follow when they sit at the European Parliament. As already announced in recent days, the Knight is, in fact, returned to reiterate on Twitter that the European Central Bank must guarantee the debt and print moneta.Nella Easter Sunday Berlusconi sends his greetings on Facebook to all its voters and remind them to actively engage in the campaign

Quacks of Italy

Radar Laicità - Lay Chronicles

Sense and Prejudice

The history of a word that finds many examples in our country, to whom promises fabulous payouts to those who ensures rapid healing incurable diseases.

Sunday, April 20, 2014 20:13

Ciarlatani d'Italia

Every day we encounter, through reading some magazine or watching some television, with hucksters and swindlers of all kinds, from those promises fabulous payouts in cash to those who assures us of weight loss, no fatigue or, worse, healings shortcuts incurable diseases. Everyday you commit hundreds of offenses circumvention of incapacity, fraud, extortion, unlawful practice of the medical profession, abuse of credulity

The bishop Ghizzoni: "Never knew Don Desio." After the allegations of the Network ABUSE puts his hands forward

Radar Laicità - His stay ABUSO

Ravenna, April 20, 2014 - It is a clear message that the archbishopLorenzo Ghizzoniis launching its community of believers after instances of record that are shaking the diocese: "Do not close our eyes, because we are in the midst of people who have suffered, who are suffering; someone also has some faults.

If we falter, we ask forgiveness for all; if we are still in slavery invoke some help from brothers and sisters, without hiding, leaving us help. "


Turkey, "being trans is very dangerous. Either you fight or you die. We fight "

Focus - Human Rights, Euthanasia, Sexism and Homophobia

Being trans in Turkeyis very dangerous. "We are constantlyattacks by policeand youth gangs. We are exposed to violence and discrimination. Eight years ago we stopped to think about:'Or fight, or we all die'. So, here we are. " Start Here the story of Ganimet, 45, a member of the executive committee of Pembe Hayat, The first and only association - founded in Ankara on 30 June 2006 - that is fighting for the rights of LGBTQI community in Turkey.

Three of the main objectives of the association: protection and assistance transgender people through legal support,

Immigrants: hundreds landings in Pozzallo, Ragusa in emergency

Off topic - Chronicle

(AGI) - Dubrovnik, April 20 - Other 170 migrants, including men, women, mainly nationality 'Syrian landed in Pozzallo (Ragusa). On the spot, the Civil Protection and the State Police. In the next few hours, always in the port of Ragusa, another 250 are expected migrants. Also today you will reach 'the number of 800 migrants landed, making slip back structures of the province of Ragusa in an emergency. (AGI).
Go to the site of AGI.it

The children's games of old, beautiful, innocent, immortal

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

What generation are you?
Who was born in the mid-seventies and in the following decades belongs togeneration in Bim Bum Bam or to that of the playstation, the precariousGeneration Xor videoclippomaniaci to the world of MTV, theNet generation(Or Generation Y) or to the planet of superdigitalizzati of smartphones. A volume of Alexander Aresu recalled the first (Generation Bim Bum Bam, Milan, 2012), and, with the transmission of the cult TV guys eighties, has recovered the myths of millions of beardless then: Lady Oscar and Dr. Dolittle, Hello Spank and Felix the Cat, the parodies of Batman ( BatRoberto) and Perry

Democratic Lawyers: the struggle for the right to continue

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

We have just concluded here in Brusselsthe eighteenth Congress of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, Where I had the opportunity to participate.

This Association was born in 1946 on the initiative of lawyers from several countries, among them one of the drafters of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, the French René Cassin. Much water has passed under the bridge, but you certainly can not say that the fundamental objectives contained in the said document and in the Charter of the United Nations have been achieved.

On the contrary. Peace remains a mirage for many areas of

Lobbyists in Brussels, the Parliament wants the requirement for entry

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

The entry in the register of lobbyists in the EU institutions should be compulsory. It almost seems like a cry for help that MEPs that, Strasbourg, Approved by an overwhelming majority the appeal to European Commission to make binding rules that safeguard the transparency. To date it is estimated that only 75% of all companies and organizations linked to about 60% of the NGOs operating in Brussels have put his signature on the register. All other work in anonymity, meeting periodically MPs and senior officials and influencing in this way the

Let us hold dear even naked women on the web

Various - Attualita', Cultura, Satira e Umorismo

In Iran, the sites are blacked out. Turkey censor the web. But it is obnoxious not being able to decide for themselves what to read and watch.



Besides Lolita Nabokov in Tehran and surroundings can happen to want to just read the news from home on your PC, connect the site with your daily reference, and find that you can not do.
This is not because the link does not work, but because that and countless other connections have been inhibited for you, in advance.
Nothing Courier, the Republic, The Press, Blogs excluded but achievable only in a roundabout way.
There is not even Lettera43.itIn Tehran

Onofrio, mass and tension: Procession commissioner? We are not all gangsters

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

SANT'ONOFRIO (Vibo Valentia)- "We are not all gangsters." Easter is one of anger for the people of St. Onofrio and Stefanaconi, the two towns in the province of Vibo Valentia - a little more than five thousand people in all - involved in the storm of Easter processions "commissioner" for the risk of infiltration of the 'Ndrangheta. After a night of discussions, in Stefanaconi decided by a majority that the secular rite dell'Affruntata did not want to do without, even if the statue of the Risen Christ, the Virgin Mary and St. John, as determined by the Provincial Committee for the order and public safety, have been carried on the shoulders
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