Spain, the first coming out of a Miss

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Spagna, il primo coming out di una MissSpain, the first coming out of a Miss -

The first coming out into the world of Miss comes from Tenerife and is Yurena Patricia, 24 years old.

The twice 'Miss Spain', officially declared his homosexuality posting on Instagram two pictures with his partner, the dj Vansea Cortes

Sla. So many buckets and even a euro, while Obama is dissociated from the farce

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slaEven -Redazione- Renzi capsizes in the head with a bucket of cold water and "appointment" the newspaper editors and tg.Lo mimics Celentano appointing the immense Mina. & Nbsp;
But the Italian funds for research against the disease are non-existent and the campaign has yielded just 33 thousand euro. & Nbsp; Instead, Obama is dissociated from the farce, though donations are already in the United States at 42 milioni.C'è wonder why the vip nostrani instead of the bucket is not

Those "Figlicidi" committed by unsuspecting parents

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Quei «Figlicidi» commessi da genitori insospettabiliQuei «Figlicidi» commessi da genitori insospettabili& Nbsp; parents would be desirable to be more 'normal' and less impeccable: the imperfection is the real achievement.


Not a day passes in which no arrivals the news of a child killed: by the parents or by the wars, in short hand for intentional adults. This, then, is the summer of figlicidi, after the massacre of Motta Visconti onwards: and I speak of "filicide," knowing full well that there is an old word as "infanticide," that since the world is m

Switzerland, posters shock: No to a healthcare Italian

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Svizzera, manifesti choc: No a una sanità all'italianaThere being dragged back, the Swiss. Four years after the posters circulated in canton Ticino depicting Italians as ravenous mice, this time to end up in the viewfinder is the Italian health.

The opportunity is provided by the referendum, called for September 28, the public health service of the Confederation: the Swiss citizens are called upon to decide whether to approve or reject the proposal put forward by the Socialist Party, among other things, a crate m

Pope 'freezes' the shower, Christian makes generous acts, but hidden

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(AGI) - Vatican, August 23 - "A Christian can give. His life and 'full of generous acts - but hidden - to the next." The Pope writes Francis in a tweet account Pontifex.

Papa Francesco will register 'Ice Bucket Challenge? After the nomination to the Pontiff made by the singer Shakira and her partner, footballer Gerard Pique ', many are willing to bet on the challenge of the century ... And it seems that the very last tweet of Pope

"In the coffin, there is no mother." Exchange of corpses to Eugene in Rome

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“Nella bara non c’è mamma”. Scambio di salme al Sant’Eugenio di RomaTwo women died in the same hospital were going to be buried in the place of one.

-Drafting- Exchange of deceased St. Eugene hospital in Rome. As reported by The Messenger, Two women, died in the same hospital, were being buried in the place of a.

The exchange would have been discovered on August 19, when the coffin Annunziata Musolino, Died two days before in the Department of Medicine 1, is about to be sealed

Mayor antifannulloni requires a miracle to Jesus

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Sindaco antifannulloni chiede un miracolo a GesùThe mayor of Locri (Reggio Calabria), John Calabrese began his battle within the City 's "Operation Transparency", denouncing the misleading conduct of municipal employees.

After several attempts to dialogue, after disciplinary action, with no response, after having addressed to the prosecutor, the mayor, not knowing which way to turn, wrote directly to Jesus Christ. The letter that the first cited

The summer of inexplicable horror killer dad

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L'estate horror degli inspiegabili papà killerThere is a phrase that is meaningful, poignant, that an extraordinary Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire movie, tells the judge in court, not to be separated from his children: "Ever since my children were born, from the instant that I looked at them, I was already crazy about them when I took them in my arms I was already lying. I love them with all my heart and mind to be told: You can not live with them or see them every day, it would be like telling me: Do you take off in the

Prostitution and GDP is controversy

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prostitute-Editors- "There will be those innovations that will grow GDP".

So the director of the Department Istat national accountsRoberto Monducci to Rainews24, on the inclusion of some illegal activities in the GDP, as a result of new methodologies established by the EU. "We expect a limited impact." & Nbsp;

"We remain puzzled face of the fact that 'Eurostat has decided, and that we will perform, to count activities

Murder Yara. Examined on pc of Bossetti, check an online search for "thirteen"

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Omicidio Yara. Sui pc esaminati di Bossetti, spunta una ricerca online su “tredicenni”Analyzed pc found in home Bossetti: link to a site containing child pornography, while the other four or five times the computer is connected to pornographic sites. And then that research on a search engine "thirteen." Yara's age when he was killed.

-Drafting- The analysis made in recent weeks about pc and computer media seized on Massimo Giuseppe Bossetti, In jail on charges of being the murderess of Yara

Ukraine, Obama-Merkel: From Russia provocation, via convoy

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Ucraina, il convoglio russo passa la frontieraNEW YORK - A "provocation and a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine." President Barack Obama - on vacation in Martha's Vineyard - and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have agreed to call it the entrance of the Russian convoy in Ukraine without the approval of the country. "And 'essential that Russia remove the convoy," said the White House referring to the telephone conversation between the two

If Yara, keyword: thirteen. In computer Bossetti research on pedophile sites

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Fermato il presunto assassino di Yara: la fotostoria del caso che ha sconvolto l'ItaliaBERGAMO - Computer turned on in the house of Massimo Giuseppe Bossetti. On the search engine you type the word "thirteen", followed by the features and details porno. Computer switched on again at home Bossetti, again by downloading images of child pornography content.
They're starting to talk about computer storage media that, by order of the Prosecutor of Bergamo, were seized in June in the yellow house mason, who for two months

Francis and American mistakes

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Francesco e gli errori americaniThe Caliph black Isis has many friends in the Middle East. The words of Bergoglio urge the United States and the UN: we must cut ties with sponsors of terror

It is obvious and natural, if not sacrosanct, that the head of the Catholic Church can not remain silent about the tragedy in Iraq, even and especially-but certainly not only - as it relates to some thousands of Christians some of whom are Catholics. In fact, the two Christian churches that exist in the & nbsp; Iraqi territory,


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raispotOF ROSANNA swords -

If anyone still had any doubt that this is a regime, look at the spot of propaganda Rai on the draft European Union, which gladden our evenings for some time, when the families of the "mill white" (now decimated by the crisis) gather around at the table at home. They are extraordinary, uplifting, comforting, worthy of a perfect neoliberal dictatorship, which uses the powerful weapons of subliminal marketing communication,


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Few data.

Thirty companies exporting Italian marble in Qatar.
Rovigo regasification plant of Qatar has a stake not indifferent.
We export to the Qatar national technological and mechanical products for about a billion a year.
The Impregilo is involved in the construction of the subway in the capital Doha.

If it was only about homosexuality, the punishment of God there would be no

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The Church has always served the episode of Genesis, to demonize homosexuality. In fact, "The crime of the inhabitants of Sodom is theological and social as well as sexual: in fact it is a violation of the sacred law and fundamental hospitality & nbsp;, and is also an explicit condemnation of Canaanite fertility cults, which included the 'homosexuality sacred "(Gianfanco Ravasi, The Bible, published by Paulist Press, 1990).

Ebola. Italian admitted: it would have been infected

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Ebola. Italiana ricoverata: sarebbe stata contagiata-Drafting- The fear is "A blaze epidemic"This is to declare is the coordinator of the UN, speaking of the virus Ebola and the need, throughout the world, to prepare. Including the West, especially in the face of the new news that a girl Italian 23 years may have been infected.

The young woman, who was in Kenya, warned that the illness had convinced her to go to the doctor. Which had

Trans for 20 years, family members dress up as the man for the funeral. Protests from the LGBT world

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trans-svezia-tuttacronaca-Drafting- For twenty years he had decided to no longer be a man, but a woman. To call Nicole.
Yet, on the day of his funeral, she was dressed as a male relatives: jacket and tie.

It happens in Massa Carrara, after the death of a 37 year old trans that, since he was 17 years old, lived as a woman. To become aware of the incident, of her girlfriends, avvicinatesi the casket during the service, they noticed how his choice

Made pregnant by a 23 year old to 11 years old, the mother in the process: allowed him

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Messa incinta a 11 anni da un 23enne, la mamma a processo: glielo consentiva-Drafting- He let his daughter just 11 years old, asleep in bed with 23 year old Jacob White and we have sex, even though it was nothing more than a child.

It 'happened to Newton, In Iowa, where the 37 year-old Tina Durant is over after a trial that his daughter was pregnant as a result of those meetings, consumed all under the roof of the house, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Especially since everyone who f

Ebola, for fear an Italian Admitted to Istanbul with suspicious symptoms

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Ebola, paura per un'italiana Ricoverata a Istanbul con sintomi sospettiFear for our compatriot. An Italian girl of 23 years is & amp; nbsp; Haseki admitted to the hospital with suspected symptoms of Istanbul Ebola.

The woman, reports the website of the newspaper turkish Hurryet, came from Kano in Nigeria, where he had a high fever that local doctors have diagnosed as malaria and ebola. It was stopped for inspection at the international airport Atatur

Province, abolished and erased from the map. But deliver prizes and buy land

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Not only the provinces remain. But they continue to do what they did, as if there was still a future for an institution to 11 billion euro per year. The reason is too simple, but the problem is serious for the public purse languishing: after four months from the date of entry into force of the Bill Delrio& Nbsp; (named after the Minister for Regional Affairs and current Secretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Graziano

Richard Dawkins insists: "The fetus of a down is worth less than a pig"

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richard dawkins-Editors- On twitter recurs portrait while wearing a T-shirt that read: "Religion. Together we can find the cure. "

Spiritual leaders of the militias atheistic beliefs, the British biologist Richard Dawkins never misses a chance to show what the man who claims to remove God from his horizon.

The latest release in order of time is whether to have an abortion if it were to be diagnosed to the unborn child

Pedophile priests, Cardinal Pell: "How truck drivers who harass hitchhikers"

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Pedofilia clero"I pedophile priests like Truckers harassing hitchhikers. " To support the unprecedented and shocking comparison is the Australian cardinal George Pell, A member of the council of cardinals, the so-called C9, Of Papa Francesco and prefect of the Secretariat for Economic instituted by Bergoglio (laws). The affirmation of the "Australian ranger," as he has dubbed the Pope in person, was

Trans dies, the family dresses as a man. "It was not respected his identity"

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Nicole, Trans died at the age of 37 due to illness, was exhibited in the funeral home - at the behest of the family - dressed as a man: With his jacket and blue tie. Not always was Nicole: it had become 17 years ago, when he decided to become a woman, he never felt comfortable in a male identity. The family, originally from South America and Methodist beliefs, he knew, since

In Ireland, abortion is forbidden: "I was raped: I was forced to give birth and I attempted suicide"

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irlanda-Drafting-Stuprata But forced to carry unwanted pregnancy and give birth to a child the result of violence.

It happens in the "civilized" Ireland, Where the law allows you to terminate a pregnancy only and exclusively if it involves extreme risk to the health of the woman: not if the child is malformed, or if the woman has serious mental health problems or economic, let alone if she became pregnant as a result of a there

6 Years Life After Violence: but is staged a tragedy, it is the 3rd Victim Suspected

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Schermata-2014-08-07-alle-19.04.17-e1407431578612 Yellow on the death of this little girl and 2 others before her, who died mysteriously in the same place.

The & nbsp; blood & nbsp; ed & nbsp; narrowly black, these elements, already being studied by investigators, isolated and repertati on the corpse of Fortuna Loffredo the little victim of the mysterious tragedy of the Park Green Caivano.

On 25 June Fortuna Loffredo, just six years, was found dying on the pavement within the complex of little houses

Dead Adel Smith, lot 'against the crucifix in public places

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Morto Adel Smith, lotto' contro crocifisso in luoghi pubblici(AGI) - L'Aquila, 22 August - E 'died this morning at the San Salvatore Hospital of Aquila, a serious illness, Adel Smith, 54, known for his battles against the presence of crucifixes in public buildings, from schools to courts to polling stations, and hospitals. Smith, a resident of Ofena and father of three children, he was hospitalized. The most 'famous that he was a protagonist goes back to 2003 when I throw' from the window

'Eat your rice, the rest will take care of Heaven. " Word of bishops

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Brambilla mentre cucina il risoBrambilla while cooking rice

The Chinese proverb is: "Eat your rice, the rest will take care of Heaven." It dates back to 1600 BC, when the Emperor Kangh Hi realized that to meet the food requirements needed an early ripening varieties of rice, cultivated in the north of the Great Wall. Thus was born the imperial rice, the "Yu-mi." It has been over 3600 years, rice today still feeds two-thirds of little

The devil in Vatican

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Il demonio in VaticanoThe cover of the book

"It was powerful, charismatic, untouchable. Nobody could imagine that the priest wiry, from the look a bit 'dazed, it would turn into a diablo. "

The Vatican and investigative journalist Franca Giansoldati begins with these words the story of his investigation into the "Maciel case" one of the scandals which have weighed on the pontificate of Benedict XVI and who still care about the Pope Francis.

"On marriage, the Supreme Court modified the agreements between Church and State"

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In Italia si discute sul matrimonioIn Italy we discuss about marriage
ANDREA Tornielli
Vatican City

He expresses himself with prudence and keen to use the terms strictly technical legal language. But the substance is a hatchet job. That the Bishop Giuseppe Sciacca, assistant secretary of the Apostolic Signatura, the first reaction is reasoned that comes from the Holy See after the judgment with which on 17 July, the Court of Cassation ruled that no