Corruzione a norma di legge , piaga italiana

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Nel libro di Giorgio Barbieri e Francesco Giavazzi la ricostruzione dell'intreccio che tra controllati e controllori, il quadro di un fenomeno che è oggi più grave di quanto non fosse all'epoca di Tangentopoli: allora le norme venivano violate, oggi sono state "aggiustate" per permettere gli abusi.

La lobby delle Grandi opere affonda l'Italia, recita il sottotitolo del libro di Giorgio Barbieri e Francesco Giavazzi, Corruzione a norma di legge (Riz

Scola: «Ebrei, cristiani e musulmani usciti dalle mani dell'unico Creatore»

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Angelo Scola(© lapresse) Angelo Scola

«Ebrei, cristiani e musulmani, usciti dalle mani dell'unico Creatore ci riconosciamo fratelli nella comune umanità e condividiamo lo stesso impegno nel servizio verso le nostre comunità e la società civile». È un passaggio del messaggio che l'Arcivescovo di Milano, Angelo Scola, ha inviato ai fedeli e ai responsabili delle comunità musulmane presenti a Milano e nel territorio della Diocesi, i

Israele dice no alla tregua. Fuga di civili dalla Striscia di Gaza

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Israele dice no alla tregua. Fuga di civili dalla Striscia di GazaA Gaza e dintorni non c'è nemmeno un luogo sicuro per i civili.

Lo ha detto oggi a Ginevra il portavoce dell’Ufficio delle Nazioni unite per gli affari umanitari (Ocha), Jens Laerke evocando una situazione devastante, con più di 100mila persone che risultano sfollate in 69 scuole gestite dall’Unwra (l’ente dell’Onu per i rifugiati palestinesi).

Particolarmente preoccupante è la situazione dell’accesso all’acqua

50 years old, the Gospel according to Matthew Pasolini. And the Church enables it

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An intense, intense emotion, and an extraordinary revelation: this was in Italy in 1964, The Gospel According to St. Matthew by Pier Paolo Pasolini. The most beautiful film ever made about Jesus, now writes the Osservatore Romano recalling both the effectiveness of the Christ and the Virgin Mary - played by a syndicalist anti-Franco and the beloved mother of Pasolini - both the rough background of the Sassi of Matera. There is no doubt, a great film s

Gay marriage in Bologna ok to register to transcribe the marriage celebrated abroad

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After the announcement, the signature. Green light for Bologna to register for the same-sex marriages. Monday, July 21, in the evening, the mayor Virginio Merola has in fact issued a directive that will, from the end of the summer, to transcribe in the registers of civil status of the common gay unions celebrated abroad. The measure had been promised by came two days after the Pride, And follows the path traced by 'to

Womb for Rent in France is controversy (also on the left)

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While in our country someone unleashes the NAS without the knowledge of the Ministry of Health to look for, even were dangerous outbreaks of Ebola, possible pregnancies resulted from recent lifting of the ban unconstitutional heterologous fertilization, In FranceWhere l 'heterologous as it is legal almost everywhere, we discuss these days especially for surrogacy and surrogate mothers.

The debate started with an open letter

Gay teacher fired, we're all homophobic?

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Fired because a lesbian. What has happened in the Catholic school the "Sacred Heart" of Trento should give us pause. Let us admit what was said by the mother superior who directs the institute or that the teacher in question was discharged from his role because come the natural expiration of the contract. The fact remains that the nun was allowed to interrogate the woman "to see if it lived a personal problem" with regard to on

Medical cannabis: the association Coscioni Luke writes to doctors

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Cannabis terapeutica: l'associazione Luca Coscioni scrive ai mediciFilomena Gallo, Marco Cappato
July 22, 2014

Dear one,

we turn to you as a doctor on the subject of medical cannabis. Your contribution to improve patient access to effective therapies may be important.

Since 2007, Italian law allows use terapiadel THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis, and in 2013 a u

Gay marriage. Bologna also record the marriages contracted abroad

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Nozze gay. Anche Bologna registrerà i matrimoni contratti all’esteroAfter Bologna, Naples also opens the recognition of marriage celebrated abroad between persons of the same sex, September 15 will be recorded in the registers of civil status of the City.

-Drafting- Despite the controversy and criticism of the archdiocese, the Mayor Virginio Merola gave the green light to register Bolognese gay wedding contracted abroad.
This kind of union, celebrated

Fertilization, the right can not wait

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Fecondazione, il diritto non può attendereUnit
July 22, 2014
Filomena Gallo

When a couple announces expecting a baby, you would expect that reaction? No, I do not think that my question is rhetorical because not everyone is ready to rejoice in them. Incredible? No, if we think about what is happening in this last period on the issue of heterologous fertilization. Just yesterday we reported about the first test

FBI indicted, he would pay Muslims to carry out attacks. Denunciation of Human Rights Watch

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FBI sotto accusa, avrebbe pagato musulmani per compiere attentati. La denuncia di Human Rights WatchRather than catch potential terrorists after September 11, the FBI would have created new ones, encouraging and in some cases even paying them. It is the contention of a report by Human Rights Watch.

-Drafting- The FBI encouraged and sometimes even Muslims paid to commit acts of terrorism after the September 11 attacks. This was revealed by the organization Human Rights Watch (HRW), Which in

If the teacher is gay ends up defending the accused if trans

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Se l'insegnante è gay finisce sotto accusa se trans la difendonoA professor at Trent feels discriminated against because lesbian.

The Ministry immediately sent inspectors to the Catholic school that would be culpable for failing to renew the contract because of his sexual orientation.

In Trieste no inspection for a professor who climbs into the chair in skirt and high heels.

The story was over the columns of the local newspaper, Il Piccolo, thanks to photos taken by some students and their parents puzzled.

They had never done: other parents and many students have in defending Professor Michael Romeo.

Padua. The pastor the coins are no longer enough: "Donate silver"

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calice-Editors-Appeal of the pastor of Saint Andrew the Apostle Perarolo of Vigo (in the province of Padova) for an unusual collection.

"Donate to the silver chalice to put": these essentially the words of Don Bruno Rampazzo.

"Everything is fine," says the priest of the village at the gates of Padua.

Then it melts and the parish will have a new Chalice. The problem is that for the Church

The Great War War of the global world

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La Grande guerra primo conflitto del mondo globaleWhen you read about a missile that strikes a plane in Ukraine or of Israeli tanks forced to intervene in Gaza to stop the rockets of Hamas, we should avoid embarking on historical comparisons to dominate as the deepest impulses to pessimism.

But it is irresistible remember how current acute international crises occur between June 28th (a hundred years by the attack in Sarajevo, precipitating cause of Gr

On this day: the Albigensian Crusade

Radar Secularism - Lay initiative

22 luglio1209 - Start of the long and bloody Albigensian Crusade or Cathars, Called by Pope Innocent III, with the massacre of Beziers in the south of France. It is estimated that over 20 thousand victims.
The Crusade, which took the form of a real genocide ended in 1229 with the defeat of the Cathars. Trail of the Crusade lasted until 1244 with the fall of the fortress of Montsegur Catharist and mass executions on the ro

Gaza. It seeks ceasefire, meanwhile victims rose to 600. U.S. allocates 47m in aid

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Gaza. Si cerca il cessate il fuoco, intanto le vittime salgono a 600. Usa stanziano 47mln in aiutiAt dawn on the fifteenth day after the beginning of hostilities then climb to 583 the number of Palestinian casualties, more than 3,600 injured. It seems so away the possibility of a truce proposed last night by Palestinian sources, never confirmed by Israel.

-Drafting- The peremptory demand comes from the U.S. president, Barack Obama: "We do not want to see civilians killed". Need a

The treasurer of the Salesians in the process emptied the coffers: stolen 99 million

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MazzaliThe charge is fraud: The religious and two mediators would alter a paper order to steal the inheritance of a marquis.

FIORENZA Sarzanini -
ROME - Cards rigged to empty the coffers of the Salesians. Falsified documents in order to get the go-ahead by the Holy See in a deal that actually would bring benefits only to "mediators". And the design fault of the authors had the same religious order treasurer, Fr John Baptist Mazzali.

Francis reformist

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Vatican correspondent for La Stampa

How does the Church of Francis-track of Don Severino Dianich in Camaldoli, given by Landino The church today in the countries of ancient Christian tradition. Situation is rapidly changing for the mutation of demographic frameworks determined by the migratory movements, the decline has already occurred in the percentage of baptisms of children (those born in Italy in 2008, have been baptized only 71.5% with a decline of 18 points in 10 years),


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Should seek archetypes in the behavior of the media, because the propaganda is based on simple styles.

In the media crap that the so-called organs of information we vomit on him all the time there is a recurring stereotype: the Israeli soldier rapt ("Kidnapped" in English). The English word makes it better than the Italian what the media would like to suggest, that the soldiers on a war footing

To justify the redemption of man as Paul considered to be the most ignoble of creation. 159

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As he wrote Blaise Pascal (Pensées, III, 194), the Christian faith is based almost entirely on the clear understanding of two things: the corruption of human nature and redemption through Jesus Christ. The two things are inscindibili.L 'universality of human corruption is a focal point of the Pauline theory that men, both Jews and Gentiles were bad by nature, unholy, slaves

Human Rights Watch accuses the FBI: Muslims paid to carry out attacks

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WASHINGTON - The FBI has encouraged Muslims to U.S. nationals to commit terrorist acts, and sometimes paid for them, in the context of numerous covert operations carried out after September 11. And 'the complaint is contained in a report by Human Rights Watch that the FBI's tactics are not only "an abuse, but they are also counterproductive." In many of the 500 terrorism cases tried in U.S. courts

Gay or lesbian because they fired me for telling the truth

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Lanaiveté that I carry around from childhood leads me to surprise me how more and more Catholics ignore what is the truth of the facts and of the world.

These days it has been reported that in the case of 'teacher a Catholic school in Trento - a good teacher, apparently, serving in that school for five years - to which the contract was not renewed as a result of rumors that the

History of Paul, the son of two women

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I have told the story of Paul. Paul is five years old and lives most of the year in London. With his mother, Joan. A few years ago Giovanna Francesca knows, and falls in love. The two women move in together, and then get married. They make a pact between them, have two children. A pregnancy in the head. Start Giovanna. Along with Francesca goes to a sperm bank and chooses an anonymous donor. It seems strange

Heterologous fertilization: won our battle. Here is the story of the protagonists

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The news of these first positive pregnancy tests after a heterologous fertilization, As announced by Filomena Gallo, are the first concrete result a battle that began over 10 years ago by Luke Coscioni and we carried on with the association that bears his name, in any place. You can only be happy for a new life on the way. All controversies seem really inappropriate and sterile: case law - eng

Iraq, Isil instructs women to treat themselves to the militants to contribute to Jihad

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BAGHDAD - A call to "offer unmarried women" to the "mujahideen brothers" was circulated to Nineveh by the jihadists of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), which weeks control the northeastern province of Iraq.
In a statement written on paper 'letterhead', in which the logo appears black with white writing used by the initials Salafi-jihadist, the words "There is no god but God," the three words, "God, the Prophet Muhammad" and the

Gaza, NGOs accusation: "The bombs of Israel darts steel that kill civilians"

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The Israeli army would be using the fléchette, Darts steel whose Loose debris are considered highly dangerous, and can even be lethal. Their explosion, in fact, determines a rain of thousands of small metal darts that do not distinguish between military and civilian. was reported by the British newspaper The Guardian, Giving space to the complaint ofPalestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR),

The judges of the laws give way all'eterologa. All legitimate and guaranteed

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I giudici delle leggi danno il via all'eterologa. Tutto legittimo e garantitoFilomena Gallo and Gianni Baldini
July 21, 2014

Declaration of lawyers Filomena Gallo and Gianni Baldini, respectively Secretary Luca Coscioni Association and Professor, University of Florence

Many are wondering if the heterologous fertilization already made in Italy are legitimate. Some, like the Roccella, speaks of 's actual risks

Heterologous first 4 pregnancies in Italy. Nas inspection in a clinic in Milan

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La Constitutional Court considered unconstitutional the prohibition of heterologous fertilization and, following the publication of the motivationsThree Italian couples, all residents Romeand who wish to remain anonymous, they performed the surgery through an external donor and obtained pregnancy. The same thing happened to another couple to Milan, At the clinic Matris directed by gynecologistSeveri

Malaysia Airlines, and if the plane had been shot down an American?

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Let's be clear right away: no one wants a war in Europe and to any armed intervention is preferable the art of diplomacy. But the weakness with which Europe is responding to the tragedy which killed 298 people, The majority of which are European, it leaves you speechless. A question arises: what if there had been aboard 298 Americans?

After the shooting down of the line, each of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

India. The Governor of Uttar Pradesh, "Not even God can stop the rapes"

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stupri india-Drafting- The Governor of Uttar Pradesh, northern India, said that "Not even God can stop the rapes"In reference to the increase in violence against women in his state.

Speaking to reporters, the governor Aziz Qureshi said that even if you are arrayed all the forces of the police and the army, it would not be possible to prevent sexual violence. "Neither