Boom of Pentecostals in Italy. In Turin church for a thousand faithful

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Nella chiesa torinese anche un auditorium da 800 postiIn the church of Turin also an auditorium with 800 seats
Paul Coccorese

The largest church in the city of the Shroud? On the pages of tourist guides is that of St. Philip Blacks, which can accommodate up to 250 worshipers. But the record does not belong to a little more '. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

In Turin, the title does not hold the Catholic churches, but the temples built by the growing number of Evangelical-Pentecostal community. As one of the "

Gay adoptions: decide to have a child is always an act of will

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The recent case of & nbsp;stepchild adoption& Nbsp; applied by the court of Rome& Nbsp; - that a woman has been able to extend its rights/duties parent to the daughter of his partner, as well as biological mother, As part of a single household - has raised the inevitable hornet's nest of controversy in the Italian context takes the form of the joke, both for the players that have animated it, both for the quality of

Marketing and mergers: so the "faith of the slaves" is full of proselytes

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Marketing e fusioni: così la “fede degli schiavi” fa il pieno di proselitiIn the USA, the Pentecostal is considered the religion of the slaves
Giacomo Galeazzi

In the literature are conservative but use whatever tool "hi-tech" to proselytize. Originally, they were few and divided into a thousand acronyms, now aggregate and increase visibly. The followers of the Evangelical Church International (CEIAM) before you build brick by brick their majestic temple in Turin they are given a mission era: rivit

Isis, the bubonic plague will the next weapon of the jihadists?

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Isis, sarà la peste bubbonica la prossima arma dei jihadisti?Bubonic plague: this would be the ultimate weapon that Isis aims to get to fight a holy war against the West. This was written by the American magazine Foreign Policy, which reveals how a computer belonging to the men of the Isis and then fell into the hands of rebel groups Syrians have been found instructions on how to prepare biological weapons. Among these, the bubonic plague. A real nightmare: over thirty-five thousand

The clericalata of the week 34: Damiano Zecchinato

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zecchinatoThe clericalata of the week is the mayor of Vigonovo (VE), the League Damiano ZecchinatoKnown to our readers for having replaced in his office (already equipped with crucifix), the portrait of the President with that of the Pope.

Now proclaimed that will control the curricula of primary and secondary schools to report to the ministry any "anomalies" and "lessons

The conspiracy of the Journal on Magdi Allam-gate

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Il complottismo del Giornale sul Magdi Allam-gate01/09/2014 -

The newspaper directed by Alessandro Sallusti goes to the defense of their columnist.

"Disciplinary proceedings on commission," characterized by "eerie similarities". It is with these words that The Journal comments today decision Order of Journalists to impeach for nine articles published between 22

Israel confiscates 400 acres of Palestinian land

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Israele requisisce 400 ettari di terra palestinese01/09/2014 - Of -

It is the largest annexation for 30 years now. The United States' Counterproductive, stop. "

Israel has requirementWith unilateral act, something like 400 acres of Palestinian land in West Bank: This is the largest unilateral annexation of Palestinian land by Tel Aviv, A move that

Don Ciotti and threats of Riina: "It is proof that we bother"

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Don Ciotti e le minacce di Riina: «È la prova che gli diamo fastidio»01/09/2014 -

The founder of Libera has responded to the order of death launched by the boss of Cosa Nostra, intercepted in the prison of Opera: "I'm not afraid of the Mafia. But it is strange that no one had warned me. "

"I'm not afraid of the Mafia. Threats of & nbsp;Toto & nbsp; Riina? It is& Nbsp; evidence that we give nuisanceThat we must

Tap and gives. Actresses hard "offer" their breasts to raise money for AIDS

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Tocca e dona. Attrici hard “offrono” il loro seno per raccogliere fondi contro l’AidsGreat success in Japan for the charitable initiative of nine pornodive who have agreed to be probed breasts to raise money for research against AIDS.

-Drafting- In Japan, the charity for AIDS is called Boob Aid. After donation you can touch the breasts of Japanese pornstars generous. The money collected is allocated to the Japanese Foundation for AIDS prevention, the initiative goes

Gay adoptions, Luxuria attacks the Melons

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Vladimir against Georgia. The controversy rages on gay rights on the front pages of newspapers and on social networks, but this time goes beyond the political battles and descends into the details of private life.

To make a stir was the intervention of the trans and former MP of the Communist Refoundation Vladimir Luxuria, who criticized the campaign Brothers of Italy against gay adoptions tweeted a phrase that called into question the story

The inhumanity of Obama and the sudden war ISIS

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La disumanità di Obama e l'improvvisa guerra all'IsisWhat happens in the city

None of the reasons for the new military intervention in Iraq is humanitarian. There is oil behind the excuse of protecting the populations attacked by criminals of the Caliphate.

Monday, September 1st, 2014 10:44

Barak Obama could not resist the temptation (or the pressures of his opponents) and became the fourth President of the United States to bomb Iraq, using the same pretexts

Caserta, insults on the receipt of pastry, "Romano bastard you"

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The writing stands out in block letters at the bottom, below the price, and occupies the entire horizontal receipt. Hard not to see her then for anyone to drink a coffee or purchase one of the desserts prepared by pastry workshop Marino Aversa, In the province of Caserta, one of the oldest (opened in 1958) and the prestigious shops of the town bell. Reads as follows: "Romano's you bastard, "And marks a turning point in or

South America, the former dictators: "We victims like the Jews in Nazi Germany"

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"We are the victims, discriminated against and persecuted like the Jews of Nazi Germany, the Christians of Iraq, the slaves of socialism for the 21st century": Syrian refugees not to say, the Ukrainians or the Palestinians, but the lawyers and the sons of dictators, generals and ex-military of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela who have met a few days ago in Buenos Aires during the Foro por la Justicia de Buenos Aires, the C

Half buffalo enamel that changes color to protect yourself from rape

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La mezza bufala dello smalto che cambia colore per proteggerti da uno stupro01/09/2014 - Of -

The Americans have invented four students and the news became viral in recent days but ...

A special nail polish that alerts the wearer of a possible attempted rape that could be accomplished soon. The news spread quickly on the web in & nbsp; recent days and

Gay, poster Brothers of Italy here who should apologize

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Inside the Italian comedy should now open a subcategory stable, that of the "Excuses Italian". Those excuses are hairy, usually presented by mediocre politicians after they smarronato great, but so great to essersene even realized alone (oh my God, so to speak, for themselves usually only after someone threatened them with lawsuit). The most recent case

Islam, the latest fatwa: chat prohibited between men and women

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Islam, l'ultima fatwa: vietate le chat tra uomini e donneThe chat between men and women who are not married and do not belong to the same family are against Islam.

This is what provides the latest fatwa of Dar al-Ifta in Egypt, the body responsible for issuing religious edicts officers. In response to a frequently asked questions on its website, the organization defines the chat as frivolous and evil, arguing that open the door to the devil, anti-corruption and behaviors isl

Gay adoptions. And 'boom of requests after the judgment of the court of Rome

Focus - Human Rights, Euthanasia, Homophobia and Sexism

Adozioni gay. E’ boom di richieste dopo la sentenza del tribunale di RomaTwo moms and a daughter, a family legally recognized after the historic judgment on adoptions to homosexual couples. And they are already more than 5 thousand gay couples ready to go to court in order to finally realize his dream of being a family holiday.

-Drafting- After the judgment of the Juvenile Court of Rome which made mothers before the law, a homosexual couple, the first case in Italy, or rather, has

The finishing touches to the memory? It is better to forget them

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I ritocchi alla memoria? È meglio dimenticarseliThere is nothing like the optogenetica to sleep peacefully. In the near future, which I hope personally're a little 'late on my departure, there is the greatest of the greatest, they say: you can reshape your memory, inserting all sorts of options.

We can do things that we humans today we can not even imagine erase bad memories and distressing, even insert of beautiful, though false, that is related to the facts and es

Tomatoes, sex and hydraulic Prejudices uniting Europe

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Pomodori, sesso e idraulici I pregiudizi uniscono l'EuropaAs banal stereotypes are such because, underneath it all, we believe in many. The Lombards believe that any of Campania, at least once in their lives, have danced the tarantella, the Neapolitan who thinks that the Milanese are all like "cumm" Zampetti.

If you enlarge the field of view the whole of Europe, including the discussion questions multiply: to these was inspired by Yanko Tsvetkov, Bulgarian designer, who summarized all

The death penalty in Saudi Arabia: finished 'the month of the Executioner'

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Pena morteIn the history of the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, a month bloodiest like the one just ended had seen a few other times. August 4, were beheaded 26 people, Almost double of those put to death in the first seven months of the year. & Nbsp;

In most cases, people were beheaded convicted of drug offenses - even the mere possession is a criminal offense punishable by death penalty. As in the case

Magdi does not bend: I autodenuncio for Islamophobia

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Magdi non si piega: Mi autodenuncio per islamofobiaI have repented. I admit to having committed the crime of Islamophobia. I recognize the legitimacy of the Court Order of Journalists.

I have decided to work together to atone for my sins to the bottom, confessing the long series of crimes committed since the beginning of journalism in 1976, as well as consider it a duty to condemn all Islamophobic I have known. I know that there are many but it is essential identify and condemn tut

Someone wants commissariare Italy

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Qualcuno vuole commissariare l'ItaliaRome "La say this: I suspect that someone wants deindustrializzare Italy. Or rather, that the desire commissariare. "

Paolo Buzzetti is the president of ANCI, the association of homebuilders. "Otherwise - he explains - it is difficult to understand the attitude of the government" lt refers to the measure "Unlock Italy '?" Sure. "

And why not? "Because only in this way it is possible to understand the European rules." But what to do with the "S

Berlusconi disappointed by the Prime Minister does not want to be unpopular

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Berlusconi deluso dal premier: non vuole essere impopolareBerlusconi is disappointed by Renzi but does not want to sink the shot. Between sessions of physiotherapy and a trip to San Siro to see the premiere of his Milan, preaches caution to the blues; as if not wanting to fan the flames because it considers the country's situation sufficiently hot.

The economy is falling apart and the "Unlock Italy" will not unlock anything. "Pannicelli hot" judges them the Knight, aware that the margins for maneuver are t

The great leap backward. The choices suicide of Europe, the deception of finance

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HomoThe world disintegrates and returns to pre-sapiens humans.
Giovanni Sartori -

I have always maintained that political science in particular, and the social sciences in general, were to be groped or to be predictive disciplines, able to predict, Science for what? Exactly, to guide action. But in this last writing, strong of my ninety years, I intend to recall the events that I lived and where I was also involved in the first person.

Who killed the grammar school?

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La scuola che vorreiIt all started when they killed the grammar school; when he began to think that the main task of the school was to provide an outlet for young people working and, later, when it was thought that the school should be designed according to the needs of young people, their tastes, their expectations.

It is the image of the failure of the Italian school system that emerges reading The school I'd like(Bruno Mondadori, pp. 122, € 15), the latest book by Adolfo Scotto di Luzio, Professor of History of Education at the University of Bergamo,


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TestosteroneThe flourishing of culture and technology occurred about 50,000 years ago, corresponding to whether the friendliest and most feminine faces, ie with a lower level of testosterone.

Brow ridges and heads more round marked the entrance of technological innovation, art and cultural exchanges. The decrease in testosterone has made us less aggressive and more cooperative.

Double Mom

Focus - Human Rights, Euthanasia, Homophobia and Sexism

The message to give to children of gay couples is that "diversity is not synonymous with inferiority." This is the main advice to families homosexual according to Anna Oliveiro Ferraris, developmental psychologist at the University La Sapienza of Rome, after the first case in Italy of recognition of adoption of a child who lives in a homosexual couple (lesbian) to partner who is not the biological mother of the baby.


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End of The American Dream

More and more dumb: Tests scientfiche that people are becoming more stupid

People are more stupid than once? Previous generations were more acute than us? Perhaps it is a bit 'that you suspect that people are becoming more stupid, but now we actually have scientific evidence that this is so.

As you will read below, the average IQ scores are declining worldwide,