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James Grippa (Democracy atheist, Lecce)

Saturday, September 20, 2014 15:33

I witnessed a lot of disappointment with the episode of "Eastenders" of 17 September on the theme of omogenitorialita ', opposed by the minister Lorenzin with statements completely unfounded. Plus serious to ignore not only the acquisition and statements of the scientific world, but especially the recognition,

Buonanno: "I gay? From filing and submit to Tso. " The Young Padani disassociate themselves: "You take action"

Focus - Human Rights, Euthanasia, Homophobia and Sexism

Buonanno--Drafting- The statements on gay dell'europarlamentare League Gianluca Bonanno have created an uproar. After the terrible replica of Jack's Mannequin, which he accused of having numerous deaths on his conscience, there's also, surprisingly, the criticism of Young Padani, which are dissociated from the statements of political and demand measures.

Buonanno, in an interview with The Mosquito on Radio 24, had argued that gays

Isis. Foiled jihadist attacks in Belgium

Off topic - Foreign

belgio-Drafting- A series of attacks by Jihadists has been foiled in recent days in Belgium.

To make known, today, were the local newspapers L'Echo and De Tijd: The news was later confirmed by federal prosecutors who, however, refused to give further details "We deal with the full problem of ex-combatants, "they in fact know the investigators." We work with the services of

Divorced: Papa, Committee on reform processes nullity '

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

Divorziati: Papa, commissione per riforma processi nullita'(AGI) - Vatican, September 20 - Specifying, than that assumed by Benedict XVI at the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis has today set up a special commission for the reform of nullity 'double. The address he had given Joseph Ratzinger was to a greater pastoral attention to the situations of the people who ask to recognize the nullity ', which, he said Ratzinger, may also be granted

Divorziati: Papa, commissione per riforma processi nullita'(AGI) - Vatican, September 20 - Specifying, than that assumed by Benedict XVI at the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis has today set up a special commission for the reform of nullity 'double.

The address he had given Joseph Ratzinger was to a greater pastoral attention to the situations of the people who ask to recognize the nullity ', which, he said Ratzinger, may also be granted directly by the bishop if he finds that the marriage had been celebrated without a true commitment to the Catholic faith.

In any case, the Special Commission established today will have 'aims to prepare a proposal for a reform of the bed, trying to simplify the procedure, making it more' lean and safeguarding the principle of indissolubility 'marriage. "(AGI).
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Divorced: Kasper, body block if the Synod debate would be farce

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

(AGI) - Vatican, September 20 - "There 'who wants to mark a red line in advance and be master of the Synod. But that' it all becomes a farce." Instead, "the Pope wants a free debate." These are the words of Cardinal Walter Kasper to "Famiglia Cristiana". At the German cardinal Francis had entrusted the basic relationship of the Extraordinary Consistory that last February was the first of the three collegiate challenges of context

Despite the bans, Japan resumed the slaughter of whales

Off topic - Environment

caccia alle balene-Drafting-A No avail international protests and accusations. The Japanese government, in fact, has announced that, starting in 2015, will resume whaling in Antarctica. & nbsp;

To make known was the cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga, despite the verdict of the International Whaling Commission, Who held the Japanese program illegal, as it has no scientific purposes. And it is not alone: ​​March 31

Comes in public schools book for small Satanists

Various - Current news', Culture, Humor and Satire

satanic-Drafting- It 'happened in Florida.

In schools pubblice of Orange County has been released a children's book titled unequivocal: "Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities", produced by the Satanic Temple.

It is a little book in all respects similar to the books for the holidays: contains puzzles for children, cartoons coloring pages, puzzles, comics and more. Too bad that everything is full of

Islamic state, attacking Kurds in Syria: 18 dead. Iraq: Mosul will need months to regain

Off topic - Foreign

BAGHDAD - The front of the war against Is moves, even for the Kurdish peshmerga fighters, to Syria: after the advance of the militia of the Islamic State in Syrian Kurdistan, with the capture of dozens of villages abandoned by fighters and residents in the last 72 hours, the peshmerga have given way to an offensive at Ain al-Arab, killing 18 jihadists. The news of the offensive was by the NGO Syrian Observatory of rights

Vatican: no alarm, no increase safety device of the Pope

Off topic - Chronicle

(AGI) - Vatican, September 20 - It 's not increased the number of men in protection of Pope Francis and the Holy See. E 'as he learns the Agi by the authorities' Vatican and the Inspectorate of Police to the Holy See, which guarantee the safety of the Pope and of Citta' del Vaticano. The same sources said, while stressing that there is' obviously great attention in relation to the international situation, keen to point out that there are

ISS, NASA Space sends a 3D printer: it will serve to create spare parts

Various - Science and Evolution

Iss, la Nasa invia nello Spazio una stampante 3D: servirà a creare ricambiISS, NASA Space sends a 3D printer: it will serve to create spare parts - Repubblica.it

NASA will send a 3D printer to the International Space Station (ISS). The objective is to equip the astronauts in orbit of a tool with which they can achieve alone spare parts. The printer is part of more than two tons of cargo (clothes, food, scientific instruments, laboratory mice) that will be launched to the ISS with

The 'Di Bella Method' is the second cancer care in Italy

Off topic - Bless you

metodo di bella-Editors- He was convicted by a breast cancer, Thanks to the Di Bella has returned home safely, against all poor prognosis of official science.

At fifteen, almost, by the end of the experiment, the "Di Bella Method"Has become - so says the lawyer Gianluca Ottaviano today following some patients Stamina - the second cancer care in the country. "

The first is that provided by the NHS.

The other q

Northern League, Young Po vs Buonanno: "Unacceptable his statements about gays"

Focus - Human Rights, Euthanasia, Homophobia and Sexism

Gianluca Buonanno, MEP and the Northern League mayor shot Easy, Is again finished in the eye of the storm. This time to pull his ears are not the self-righteous leftist or communist nomenklatura. Against the 'Peter' of the Northern League came the condemnation of Young PadaniJust those that a little 'age and a bit' for student spirit should better appreciate the politically incorrect outputs of which Good

Violence against women: where is the protection of which you speak?

Focus - Human Rights, Euthanasia, Homophobia and Sexism

He had assaulted his girlfriend by hitting it with fifteen stab wounds at a nightclub in Vicenza on 12 April. Enrico Sganzerla, accountant of 42 years Ceredigion a country in Verona, after the raptus jealousy was arrested and & nbsp; & nbsp today it is the arrest at home parents. Laura Roveri, the 25 year-old victim, hearing the news declares in The Arena "Do not believe it, it's crazy that such a person, that only

The Return of the Di Bella

Off topic - Bless you

Il ritorno del metodo Di Bella20/09/2014 - Of -

The doctor's son has taken to treat patients with the mix of his father, already judged ineffective after the trial. And it is now controversy.

In the 90s had a lot to discuss the case of care developed by Luigi & nbsp; Di Bella, Bolognese doctor at the center of a great deal of attention from the media, whose works, however, were shot down d

Indonesia: Enhanced 'sharia', 100 lashes for gays

Focus - Human Rights, Euthanasia, Homophobia and Sexism

(AGI) - Banda Aceh (Indonesia), 20 September - One hundred lashes in the case of sexual relations between persons of the same sex and 'the bill that would approve the Parliament of Aceh, the most' obscurantist Muslim provinces of the archipelago. Indonesia and 'the most' great Muslim nation in the world but Aceh and 'the only area to apply the sharia; and the provincial government is slowly adapting legislation when, in 2011, he

Terrorism. The Pope in the viewfinder, high alert in the Vatican

Various - Current news', Culture, Humor and Satire

terrorismo-Editors- & Nbsp; After the alert on possible terrorist acts against Pope or the VaticanThe safety device around Piazza San Pietro has been doubled. & Nbsp;

The ANSA learns from qualified sources.

Already at the General Audience of Wednesday, the deployment to complete Inspectors of Police vatican has been strengthened with patrols and digos the squad.

The alert around the Vatican according to reports, is

Vendola stanga the Apulian and puts the tax on Cancer

Off topic - Bless you

Vendola stanga i pugliesi e mette la tassa sul cancroA tax on cancer, diabetes, and even a sull'ernia groin. It is the one that actually applied the Puglia Region and its citizens with a resolution of the council last June, but the effects of which are unfolding in recent weeks. Rather than put pen to paper for penned some of his proverbial haiku, the governor Nichi Vendola put hands in their pockets. The taxpayers, Rho.The issue is complex

Sacred web, the internet is a place of worship saints and patrons become social

Various - Current news', Culture, Humor and Satire

THE LAST boom was that of San Gennaro in Naples: The miracle of the liquefaction of the blood they have witnessed not only the faithful in the cathedral, but also at least 400 thousand people live streaming. Too many to be contained in the churchyard of the church but not for the internet. That of the "sacred web" is a growing phenomenon: from Assisi to San Giovanni Rotondo, passing by the small diocese scattered in the peninsula and ending with the

Synod, Cardinal De Paolis: No plot, on Church and divorced defend the doctrine but ready to obey

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - Among the five cardinal signatories of the book "To remain in the truth of Christ," where he declares inadmissible the proposal of Cardinal Walter Kasper to open in certain cases to communion for divorced and remarried, there Velasio De Paolis, canonist, and president emeritus of the Prefecture Economic Affairs of the Holy See.

Luisa Bonello is no more. No one would have heard the shot

Radar Secularism - His stay ABUSO

CatturaThe surveys will make their course to ascertain what really happened. We want to remember it with his words, gathered by Francesco Zanardi The Network Abuse. Without controversy and with great pain.

& Nbsp; Di Mario Molinari.

Pope: No to clericalism of rules and instructions, not us shut

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

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"In front of many pastoral needs, in front of so many requests for men and women, we run the risk of scare and turn in on ourselves in an attitude of fear and defense. And from there comes the temptation of sufficiency and clericalism, that encode rules and instructions in the faith ... ". Pope Francis has received in the afternoon the participants in a meeting organized by some

He made his debut in South Africa the "Open Mosque 'to everyone, including homosexuals and other religions

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

Esordisce in Sudafrica la «moschea aperta» a tutti, anche agli omosessuali e alle altre religioni19/09/2014 - Of -

All are welcome and anyone, man or woman, you can pray with others. The initiative, however, has sparked protests and even threats are not missed.

The "open mosque" has opened its doors in Cape Town, South Africa, despite the protests of most of the

Gay adoptions: the alchemy of Lorenzin denials by Freud (and common sense)

Focus - Human Rights, Euthanasia, Homophobia and Sexism

When talking about the issue of legal protection for same-sex couples& Nbsp; the theater of politics reveals two personality types. & Nbsp;

The first is that we can generally match the mayor of Borgosesia and currently MEP & nbsp;Gianluca Buonanno, Whose sole mission today seems to be to make fun of gays. When I hear him promise& Nbsp; give to gay, specially after being filed, "a

Adoptions to singles: Seven reasons for yes

Focus - Human Rights, Euthanasia, Homophobia and Sexism

Another case, that of Juvenile Court of Bologna, & Nbsp; brings justice and rights Italy in relation to parenthood, the desire to have children and conditions for access to be mothers and fathers, that they should be fluid and liberal, & nbsp; instead in our country are insanely prohibitive when not overtly persecutory. In this case, l 'adoption has not been authorized under Article. 44 that

Turin, eroticism next to the Shroud: embarrassment for the exhibition of Tamara de Lempicka

Various - Current news', Culture, Humor and Satire

The nudes erotic and sensual Tamara de Lempicka two steps from the linen sheet that devotion want to have wrapped the body of Jesus of Nazareth: next to the pilgrims that next spring will come and go from the Cathedral of Turin to contemplate the image of the Passion Christ, they'll proudly displayed the works of the Polish painter undisputed star of art deco. The exhibition will open its doors in March in the local Pa

Francis in the viewfinder of Isis, enhanced security at the Vatican

Focus - Fanaticism, absurdities and delusions

Francesco nel mirino di Isis, rafforzata la sicurezza in VaticanoThe safety of the Vatican City greenhouse rows around Pope Francis. To protect the Pope from the threat of terrorists Isis, the security measures around St. Peter's Square were doubled: it was reported this morning, the Ansa news agency, citing sources in turn qualificate.Già last Wednesday at the general mid-week, in defense of the Holy Father had been deployed, in addition to the Swiss Guard and the entire isp

Communion divorced: Rector of the Lateran, so be it debate

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

(AGI) - Vatican, September 19 - "The exchange of ideas and opinions and 'a treasure for everyone." Fresh reappointment for a second four-year, Bishop Enrico dal Covolo, rector of the Lateran University 'the Pope says so' the initiative of five cardinals who have published a book that takes place in the discussion of the Synod on the divorced and remarried, denying that it is possible to change the practice of the Church on this issue so '

Enough about civil unions and adoptions. It 's time to go to the facts

Focus - Human Rights, Euthanasia, Homophobia and Sexism

Basta parlare di unioni civili e adozioni. E’ ora di passare ai fatti19/09/2014 - Of -
Interviewed by Francesco Anfossi of Famiglia Cristiana, the question "What do you think of marriage and dell`adozione gay?", The minister Maria Elena Boschi, in office for Constitutional Reforms and Relations with Parliament, cryptic answers:

"It is not a marriage problem but recognition of unions

In Pope receives in audience the founder of the Community of Sant'Egidio, Andrea Riccardi

Various - Christianity, Catholicism and other religions

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Andrea Riccardi(© Ansa) Andrea Riccardi

Francis Pope received in audience at the Vatican, Andrea Riccardi, Marco Impagliazzo, founder and president of the Community 'of Sant'Egidio, it said in a note of the community.

At the hearing were dealt with issues of peace, ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue, the martyrdom of Christians in the present time in particular in Syria and Iraq, the

XX September 2014

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portapiaThe Venti Settembre is not any date 144 years ago, Rome became Italian, indeed, became the capital of Italian. Nevertheless, the Venti Settembre has become forgetful of the day: politicians and media are competing to forget about it. With a few notable exceptions: the weekly Left in tomorrow's edition will be dedicated to the breach of Porta Pia and the "secular betrayed." The number will also contain an article by the secretary Raffaele Uaar Carcan