The prevalence of women in the history of human genetics

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Maschio femminaIn the course of human history the female population has been almost consistently higher numbers than men, making a major contribution to the current gene pool of our species.

This was established by a study which compared the rates of change in the mitochondrial DNA of maternal origin only, and in the Y chromosome, exclusively paternal (red)

Iran, girl sentenced to death: killed the man who wanted to rape her. Appeal to Pope

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TEHRAN - In Iran, has been postponed the hanging of 26-year old Iranian Reyhaneh Jabbari, who was sentenced to death for murder. The reports from the site of Iran Human Rights (Ihr), non-governmental organization which campaigns against the death penalty in the Islamic Republic. The execution, scheduled for this morning, has been postponed for 10 days. The woman - Ihr writes - was reported by Rajaishahr prison, where he had planned his hanging, the

South Africa: gay mosque does not close, the founder are not afraid of Jihad

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(AGI) - Citta 'del Capo, September 30 ? The mosque "gay friendly" Citta 'del Capo not close' despite the death threats of the jihadists. For secure and 'the man who opened the religious institution, Taj Hargey, Muslim teacher eager to give life to a place of worship for the first time open to women and homosexuals, with the possibility' for women lead the prayers, this premiere. "We have


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ior-11-770x435& Nbsp; Marco Lillo and Valeria Pacelli

It is not a nice business card that presented on 28 August by the new president of the IOR Jean-Baptiste De Franssu. The French economist from July 9, replaced the German Ernst von Freyburg at the helm of the Vatican bank is opposed to the investigations of the Prosecutor of Rome on the transfer of funds suspected of being an entrepreneur sentenced in May to appeal to a history of kickbacks, John Mo

Pedophilia, the American press: "The bishop of Kansas City being investigated by the Vatican"

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A new bishop under investigation by the Vatican. The name that is done by the American press is that of Monsignor Robert Finn, Owner of the Diocese of Kansas City-St Joseph. The news is the information site specializing Vatican National Catholic Reporter.Finn was the first Catholic bishop to come convict for crimes related to acts of pedophilia in United States.In 2012, in fact, the man had been

The double-barreled surname a sign of civilization

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by Michela Marzano

After the stop arrived in July and the huge controversy in recent months, last Wednesday in plenary session in the House the bill on the double-barreled surname. This is now called so, to make short, although the ratio of the Act is to enable couples to decide which surname attribute to their children, or whether to transmit the paternal one, as we have always done, maternal, or both.

It is a law of civilization, as I have to

Baby ring, one year in prison (suspended) and 1000 euro fine for customers who made peace. Phone Rosa: "Shame"

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Man on bed next to red knickers& Nbsp; go-ahead by the prosecution to Rome four settlements of clients of two minors who prostituted themselves in an apartment in the Parioli. One year in prison, on probation, and over 1000 euro fine: this is the penalty agreed with the Prosecutor by the Four accused of child prostitution.

For the prosecution of the four defendants who have been given the green light to the plea agreement were not only clients of the two girls

Growing medical cannabis here is how the army will manage the production

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After the go-ahead from the Ministries of Health and Defense the production of State medical cannabis, the Military Chemical Pharmaceutical Factory of Florence is preparing for the launch of the rigorous procedures that will allow you to generate a quantity of 100 kilograms of medical marijuana per year, destined to pharmacies and hospitals territorial Italian.

The Institute will guarantee military security, control and rigor

Busca, guardian oratory 3 kg of cocaine concealed in the cellar

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NYL4WMRH5324-kahH-U103032760937810oB-640x320@LaStampa.itArrested by the police. It is an Albanian 37 years. It investigates to try to track customers and suppliers.



He was the guardian of the oratory of Busca 3 kg of cocaine to hide in the cellar of the apartment rented by the parish. It is a thirty-seven of Albanian origin. The man, with no criminal record and a valid residence permit, for years lived in house next to the oratory and paid the rent.

The man was ar

Up to two years for a visit: the shame of malpractice

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Fino a due anni per una visita: la vergogna della malasanitàTicket dear, long waiting times, difficulties in access to care: Italians have to endure this and many other problems when they relate to public health.

To certify it is the 17th report Pit Health (Health) seeking care, presented in Rome by the Tribunal for Patients' Rights-Cittadinanzattiva. Out of more than 24 thousand reports nearly a quarter (23.7%, up 5.3% compared to 2012) deals with the difficulties of access to the pres

Synod of the Family, the divorced and remarried return to communion?

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cardinali donne papa francescoSynod of the Family, One of the central issues discussed by the bishops at their meeting in Rome from Sunday to the assembly of bishops convened by Pope Francis of Christianity will certainly whose behavior hold or continue to hold, to Christians in "canonically irregular situations," or Christians who have contracted a religious marriage in the Church and then they are separated, divorced and maybe coexist the

The Salesians: transforming the youth from "object" to "subject" of education

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Lezione in una scuola cattolicaLesson in a Catholic school.
Arduino Salatin * -
Rome -

The XXVI Seminar Europe recently promoted from Ciofs-Fp (Centro Italian operas female-Salesian Vocational Training) on ​​the topic of evaluation of learning in the educational system, ie education and training, has allowed not only to deepen the questions "technical" evaluation, subject of much discussion and controversy, but to focus on the vision of edu

Vatican summit on the crisis in the Middle East from Thursday to Saturday

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Vertice in VaticanoSummit in the Vatican.
Iacopo Scaramuzzi -
Vatican City -

It will be held in the Vatican from Thursday to Saturday next (2-4 October), a summit of papal nuncios in the Middle East to make the point, along with Papa Francesco, on the crisis in the region.

The appointment was announced by the Vatican when, in August, Jorge Mario Bergoglio had decided to send in Iraqi Kurdistan Cardinal Fernando Filoni, p

Lupino not mind! What goals is the bishop Lupi.

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F.Z. 14The bishop Lupi was ashamed of what he did and what continues to make us not only to victims, offenses with violence to his every lie, but also all those who are trying hard to shed light on the intrigue of this diocese.

If I had a son I would send definitely not in any of the parishes of Savona, except in that of Don Lupino, because beyond the differences of opinion that there may be between

Death of the Democratic Party on live TV

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Morte del Pd in diretta tvAnd also in the Democratic Party now is the time of "what do I hunt?". The company is dead on live TV. This party leadership has not staged the drama of Article 18 The labor reform is only the excuse of a fracture much deeper, something that has long settles in the belly of old secretaries as D'Alema and Bersani, a ' visceral dislike that law in his hands, in his eyes, in the creases of his mouth. Those two no longer tolerate Re

Contraception. Only 16% of Italian is informed

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Contraccezione. Solo il 16% delle italiane è informato-Drafting- Gender and contraception. In 2014, in Italy, should no longer be taboo, in theory. In practice, however, the girls of our country continue to flaunt ignorance on the matter.

To make known was the Sigo, The Italian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics: the only 16% Of Italian claims to be regarded as well informed about contraceptive systems available in our country, the same in which, among

WWF, "over the past 40 years has disappeared half of the wildlife on the planet"

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In recent 40 years over half of the planet's wildlife has disappeared. The case, which highlights the WWF, Is completely linked to the action of man. The data arrives in the new biennial report & nbsp;Living Planet Report 2014. According to the WWF between 1970 and 2010, the index "Living Planet"Which is a measure of the population of 3,083 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, was reduced by 52%.

M.O .: Pope in Vatican summit convenes

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(AGI) - Vatican, September 30 - Pope Francis has called "a summit to review progress on the crisis that is shaking for a long time throughout the Middle East." The meeting will be held '2 to 4 October in the Vatican, and will see' the apostolic nuncios in the Middle East, meeting with the superiors of the Roman Curia. To take part - informs an official release - will be the papal representatives in Egypt, Israel / Jerusalem / Palestine, Jordan / Iraq, Iran,

"Woman with three breasts kept me in a cage and made her sex slave." The incredible allegation of an eighteen year old

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Michael Squier, 18, says he was kept in a cage and made a sex slave to a woman with three breasts, such Alisha Hessler. Pretty shocking accusation to which is added the incision on the chest of the young man that the same woman would work with a steak knife. The teenager tells how Mrs. Hessler, also known as Jasmine Tridevil, it has tied up, whipped, and forced to sleep in a cage

Renzi and heroism nowadays: 'Lupus wolf homo'

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Many of us associate the University of Stanford in his famous speech delivered in 2005 by undergraduates Steve Jobs, in which was contained the exhortation on hunger and madness: "Stay hungry, stay foolish."

Curiously, the concepts of hunger and madness are more properly associated with the University of Stanford for another event, much less known. Maybe because it is not connected to the Prophet science, but one of the

Renzi shameless / 2: the powers that be

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It is true that Italy has been choked for decades by the so-called powers. True, many of us were confident that RenziWith its vehemence, his youth, his inexperience could even scardinarli.

But here he is railing against the powers that be, On the day when in America goes to kiss the slipper in Sergio Marchionne, The man who saved the financial portfolios of the Agnelli family, but in ten years seems to have

Attempted kidnapping in Borgaro Torinese. The father has invented everything

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Tentato rapimento a Borgaro Torinese. Il padre si è inventato tuttoNo rapture, no punched in the face and no car. Alex Giarrizzo, the worker of 31 years who had reported to the police Caselle the attempted kidnapping of his son in just three years during the patronal feast of Borgaro, has invented everything.

-Drafting- The news of the kidnapping attempt of a child of three years the traditional Fair of Saints Cosmas and Damian in BorgaroOn the outskirts of Turin, had thrown all

Article 18, workers under blackmail

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In the head of the 'masters' what is really the abolition of'Article 18? Whether it is an incentive to take everything to prove. Already today there are many contracts that allow companies to prove the worker in a long engagement that & nbsp;, & nbsp;and forwards getting longer. No sensible businessman waiver after this long 'engagement' to 'marry'A

Heterologous many associations against the posts in the guidelines and in the choices of the Regions

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Eterologa, molte associazioni contro i paletti nelle linee guida e nelle scelte delle
September 30, 2014
Sara Ficocelli

ROME- The heterologous fertilization, gamete donation, or better, is to use the oocytes and / or sperm outside the couple for a cycle of assisted reproduction. It is therefore intrauterine insemination with donor sperm or IVF with oocytes and / or

Pedophile priests, Savona is a battle in the clergy: but the truth does not matter

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zanard-ivg.it_After the suicide of one of the accusers of pedophilia in the Church of Savona, dragged in the Diocese: a priest attacks the bishop Lupi.

After the suicide of one of the accusers of pedophilia in the Church of Savona, dragged in the Diocese: a priest attacks the bishop Lupi.

THE PLAYERS - Francesco Zanardi was a kid one of the victims of these sad events; as an adult, however, is drawn into the role of

Mexico, the pedophile shock in the book: "A child has no defense, and the convince you to do"

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pedoflia640In the investigation "The Demons of Eden," the journalist Lydia Cacho offers a meticulous narrative and rich in evidence of the protections enjoyed by Jean Succar Kuri, hotel entrepreneur and accomplice of the criminal network that controls the market for child pornography Mexican: an act indictment to the heavy political and judicial power in the country.

 “You know that is my fault, right?, Is bullshit but I can not resist, and I know

Letter to Pope Francis - AssociazioneSordi "A. Provolo "

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"The Institute ecclesiastical Antonio Provolo of Verona for over a century has ensured a better future for children who are deaf and dumb, supporting them in their studies and entering to work, but in that 'building there have been terrible episodes: priests and religious brothers who abused sexually more than 60 boys and girls who lived in the Institute. Now, over thirty years later, the victims have found the strength

Divorce and remarriage. The soft & quot; oikonomia & quot; of the Orthodox Churches

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Yielding to the excessive power of the civil courts, since the time of the Byzantine Empire. Past and present practice of double orthodoxy in the reconstruction of an authority on the subject, Archbishop Cyril Vasil, secretary of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches.

Sandro Magister -

ROME, September 26, 2014 - The example of the Orthodox Churches admit that the second marriage is a subject on which leverages those who want to overcome in the Catholic Church the prohibition of communion for divorced and remarried, led by Cardinal Walter Kasper.

A contribution of Avles: the struggle of Roman Catholicism against true Christians

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I recently asked Avles Beluskes aka Edward Roncelli if he wanted to write something in Italian for my blog; he got me so long posted this very interesting article, we explain how it happened, by the hand of Catholicism pagan, persecution and extermination of the true Christian believers in the Bible in our country and throughout Europe; in this case we speak in detail of the Vaudois, but also mentions the Cult Ambrogiano Milan.