Mafia in Palermo Madonna bows to the lair of the boss

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Mafia, a Palermo la Madonna si inchina al covo del bossAncora una processione per la Madonna. Ancora un inchino a un padrino di Cosa Nostra. È successo a Palermo, domenica scorsa.

A tribute to Alexander D'Ambrogio, godfather shut up in the prison section 41a of Novara. In the alleys of Ballarò, just where two years was the same boss to carry the bier of the Madonna del Carmine, the procession wanted to honor him, stopping in front of the funeral home that belongs to the fam

Don Stefano on Wednesday, the hearing for the release

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Don Stefano, mercoledì l’udienza per la scarcerazioneThe priest is in San Vittore on Friday, 11 on charges of possession and sale of narcotics.


It 'been set for Wednesday 30 hearing the court of Milan Review which will decide on the release or on an alternative measure (such as house arrest) for Fr Stephen Trestles, the pastor of Carciano village of Stresa, currently held in the San Vittore prison on charges of det

Israeli soldier deserts: "I go to jail for not bombing Gaza"

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soldato israeliano-Editors- “Israel can continue this employment, 'But not in my name', not in my name. "

He had clear ideas Udi Segal, 19 years, Israel. Deserter. The prosecution - shows the Done- Is refusing to join the army. To this end up in jail, still do not know for how much.

Udi is not the only one. So far they have at least 50 soldiers of the Israel Defense Force who refused to participate in military operation. The reason

The rooftop restaurant offers a dinner with "sight Concordia"

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Il ristorante panoramico che offre un cena con “vista Concordia”An invitation to watch the Costa Concordia from the terrace of a restaurant Pegli. Many did not like the initiative of the restaurant-pizzeria La Vetta on the heights of Pegli to publicize its own veranda with a panoramic view flyer wreck

-Drafting- An invitation to watch Costa Concordia docked at the port of Pra 'from the terrace of a restaurant Pegli and on Facebook is now controversy. Many Genoese, in fact,

The Minister of Health of Lithuania: "Lethal injection is an excellent remedy for the sick poor"

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ministro salute-Drafting- Euthanasia is an excellent solution for those poor people who do not have enough money to afford palliative care and that "they do not want to see their families agonize" in pain.

It is what is claimed in an interview with Tv3by the new Lithuanian Minister of Health,Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė.

According to the minister, Lithuania is not a welfare state and can not guarantee all the seriously ill, palliative care needed

Pensions, older people in the North and in the South of invalid records

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Pensioni, al Nord gli anziani e al Sud record di invalidiWe Italians every so often we should lift his head from the Gazzetta dello sport and devote some time to the sun 24 hours. Even just for appassionarci not invariably Finance Vidal and Higuain, but sometimes even our own. They are all pink and two newspapers, in different keys, the first passes through light and fun, and the second for heavy and serious, but there are days when the second strongest emotions of the first reserve. S

Outlaws before he was born

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Fuorilegge prima ancora di nascereRome - Heterologous discord. Today in Italy, you can go to a specialized center and ask fertilization through the donation of gametes or not? For the Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin, absolutely not.

It was not until the decree with the guidelines, the minister announces, "is ready." It is for the time being, however, a pattern that will be submitted to the Council of Ministers this week. But the truth is that many central

Libya raped and abandoned

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Libia stuprata ed abbandonataof - 07/29/2014 -

The failure I had reckoned three years ago, at the beginning of the conflict, when even Al Jazeera and the Western diplomacy spoke the same language, I had spoken instead of "the most stupid military intervention of this century" and "a tale that can not end well"; but certainly a disastrous outcome as well, or better said, an outcome so ignomini

What does the Vatican with his money

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Cosa fa il Vaticano coi suoi soldi di 

Substantial investment real estate properties scattered throughout the world, with many buildings owned in the most expensive cities in Europe.

Until the arrival of Pope Francis Vatican finances were synonymous with darkness, and it is still difficult to reconstruct with accuracy the financial position of the Holy See. The Church should have assets of about € 10 billion, with substantial investments in companies immo

Our Lady bows to the lair of the godfather, shock procession through the narrow streets of Ballarò

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The Last godfather of Cosa Nostra is locked in the "41 bis" the prison of Novara, but it is as if he were still in the alleys Ballaro here where two years ago led the launches proud of the Madonna del Carmine. Last Sunday, the boss Alessandro D'Ambrose was not there. But the procession still wanted to honor him: she stopped right in front of the funeral home of his family.

A middle-aged man, with the

Night raids on Gaza, one of the victims, women and children in Tel Aviv and the sirens, intercepted Hamas rockets

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TEL AVIV - New night of the war in the Gaza Strip. And still other Hamas rockets against Israel. Shortly after midnight, Israeli artillery and combat helicopters have started to hit targets in the Palestinian territory, while right in the city of Tel Aviv, the sirens sounded the alarm for anti-missile. Were heard 3:00 to 4:00 explosions, probably rockets fired from the Gaza Strip and intercepted by s

The death penalty, emergency without end. Hands Off Cain: 14 dead in a few days

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A FEW DAYS after the submission of the annual report on the death penalty, Hands off Cain complaint fourteen executions. In Iran, ten people, four women and six men were executed in a matter of two days for drug-related crimes. In Somalia, a 14 year old girl was killed with public ritual by al-Shabaab militia on charges of spying for the government, while in Vietnam were executed three men

From Iran to Saudi Arabia. Where freedom of religion is denied

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"Religious freedom is a universal right [...] the birthright of every human being." He said the American Secretary of State, John Kerry, presenting the results of 'International Religious Freedom, the report on freedom of religion in the world. "However - added Kerry - given that 75% of the population

Welby wrote a Better World: "The women bishops, there divide»

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Papa Francesco con Justin WelbyThe primate of the Anglican Church admits that the decision of the General Synod may be an 'additional burden' rapprochement.


The ordination of women bishops should not preclude eventual reunification between the Church of England and the Catholic Church. This is what he wrote the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primate of the Anglican Church, in a letter to Pope Francis.

Double pope's trip to Caserta. And double request for forgiveness

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traettinoSuch as promised in one of his previous meetings with leaders "evangelical" in different countries, the pope asked forgiveness Francis Pentecostals of Caserta and their pastor John Traettino, his friend, who went to visit Monday, July 28.

He asked for forgiveness for the laws against Protestants in Italy during the fascist period. He would have said the pope, according to reports:

"Among those who have persecuted and denounced the Pentecostals, almost as if they were fools who ruined the race, there were also Catholics:

What links the Shroud of Turin to Leonardo's Mona Lisa?

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giocondasegniGraphical relationship between the Shroud and the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

(Summary from a search of William Menegatti)

The Shroud and the Mona Lisa contain many common points such as to generate suspicion that they are actually two separate parts of a single work.

The Shroud and the Mona Lisa not only contain graphic parts that seem designed specifically to be overlapped with each other, but they also contain references to correctly display and overlay.


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The economic signals continue to be of concern, both in terms of competitiveness and employment.

Most of the Italians was led to believe that the reform of the Senate, given by the President of the Republic through the Prime Minister constitutes an essential prerequisite for the revival of the economy and no one said that any reform, more or less undemocratic, however, conceived,


Radar Secularism - Don Franco Barbero

The piece on the relationship between the mafia and the Catholic Church was, in my opinion, the most impressive of the entire conversation between the Pope and Francis Eugene Scalfari. True that there was the precedent of Karol Wojtyla when in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento (1993) launched the famous cry of "Mafiosi repent." That, however, remained a gesture pr


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ConcordiaANDREA Scanzi -

"The harmony is moored. Renzi undertaking ever seen" - -

Really very nice this climate of joy and triumphalism for the recovery of a huge floating coffin hyper: very nice, very simple and very respectful especially to the families of the victims. There is also the Chairman of the Board which is nice (it should be ') shows himself,

The asceticism Pauline Christianity introduced in an aberrant form of penance and psychotic. 161

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The word asceticism (from the greek Askesis: exercise, workout), was originally reported athletic sphere, understood as a strengthening of the body. But Plato with this term completely changed meaning, and with a total reversal semantic taken to indicate the iron rule of the passions, the mortification of the body, the renunciation of all forms of worldliness and joy of living. In Van

Asti. Two 18 year olds find the "treasure of the Devil"

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Asti. Due 18enni ritrovano il “tesoro del Diavolo”-Drafting- When they found him, they could not believe their eyes.

Marco Magrini and Andrea Nosenzo, Eighteen of Asti, had decided to make an outstanding enterprise for their promotion to the State examination: they wanted to get to Venice by canoe, starting from the creek near their home, the Triversa, then take the Tanaro and, finally, in Po

If not that, during the second day of training, the two have found

Pakistan, blasphemous photo on Facebook: woman and two children burnt alive

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LAHORE - A woman and two girls Ahmadis, a Muslim sect, were killed by mob in Pakistan after a teenager in their community has been accused of having published a photo on Facebook "blasphemous." The triple murder took place yesterday in the city of Gujranwala, located a hundred kilometers north of Lahore, the capital of the central province of Punjab. As reported by the local police, a teenager

The treasure of the Vatican is worth at least 10 billion

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image (5)Investments in real estate, stocks, gold, hard currency. APSA to the IOR, the first map of the holding company that operates in papal Italy and in Europe the treasure of the Holy See. To which another war is being waged for power

Real estate, stocks, gold, hard currency to a value greater than ten billion Euros. "L'Espresso" in the current issue tomorrow presents the first comprehensive analysis of investments in the

Hamas-Israel war recovery

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Hamas-Israele, ripresa la guerraSilenced for a few hours, the weapons back to talk. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack that killed at least four people in an Israeli kibbutz, near the border with the Gaza Strip, where hostilities have resumed in the evening with great intensity.

The Zionist enemy admits that four of its soldiers were killed and ten wounded in the Eshkol region by a rocket launched from the Ezzedin al Qassam Brigades, said in a statement bra

Heterologous fertilization, Tuscany approves resolution to regulate it

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There's no time to wait, it's time to give certainties couples struggling to have a son. It 'was the Tuscany to take the plunge, first in Italy to take such an initiative: the regional council has approved a resolution that regulates the heterologous fertilization, To which he gave the green light to the fact a recent judgment of the Constitutional Court. The rules will come into force in the territory of Tuscany

Red Planet: Published the first map of Mars

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Waiting to reach Mars in 2030, the United States Geological Survey, Also called the USGS, a government agency of the United States of America, issued a detailed plan of the mysterious Red Planet, The result of 16 years of studies and 4 shipments. The map-based, precisely, on the observations made by automatic probes sent to the Red Planet in recent years, it is very useful to study the conformation of the land and can therefore

Watergate 40 years ago Nixon's resignation: Hill has nothing to learn?

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What do we have to learn today from Watergate? Exactly forty years ago, July 30, 1974, The President of the United States Richard Nixon handed to the judge investigating the case, the tapes of his conversations in the Oval Office. Proved that Nixon knew about the illegal wiretapping carried out by his men in the Watergate complex which housed the headquarters of the National Committee of the Pa

When the corset made his way to the pants

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Among the countless exhibitions to mark the centenary of the First World War, there are some dedicated to fashion. The manner in which fashion was influenced by the war, forced by war to a series of crucial decisions, which were later proved to be very fruitful in terms of aesthetics. The Way We Wore. In Service and On The Street opens next week at the New Zealand Fashion Museum, while from

The hoax-fraud of "shocking videos on the plane shot down in Ukraine"

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La bufala-truffa del “video shock sull’aereo abbattuto in Ucraina”Valentina Spotti - 28/07/2014 - The buffalo runs on Facebook, and is potentially dangerous.

Like any tragedy of international concern, including the massacre of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, shot down on July 17 in the skies of eastern Ukraine, became the pretext for organizing online scams taking advantage of the various reports circulating on social networks. After the Hoax