Rome. Eur born the "red zones" where prostitution is tolerated

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Roma. All’Eur nasceranno le “zone rosse” dove la prostituzione sarà tollerataThis plan would allow second Santoro, president of the IX Town Hall, to reduce the degradation in certain areas where sexual relations with prostitutes are consumed even in daylight, maybe in the lobby of a building. & Nbsp;

-Drafting- The Eur district of Rome "tolerant" to prostitution? E 'possible & nbsp; idea, at least, as reported by Andrea Santoro, Chairman of the Hall IX in Rome, at the agency say.

"I can not

Cannabis therapeutics. Minister Lorenzin authorizes the production, via cultivation in the military establishment in Florence

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Cannabis terapeutica. Ministro Lorenzin autorizza la produzione, al via coltivazione nello stabilimento militare FirenzeThe state will produce cannabis. And 'the agreement signed yesterday by Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin and Defense Roberta Pinotti in Rome for the launch of a pilot project.

-Drafting- Beatrice Lorenzin, head of the Ministry of Health, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Minister of Defense Roberta Pinotti to the start of work at the Military Chemical pharmaceutical plant in Florence, where it will be pro

Massacre of insanity in Florida. It kills the daughter and six grandchildren, then you shoot

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Man murders daughter, six grandchildren and commits suicide-Redazione- Tragedy of madness in Florida, where a man has killed his daughter and his six grandchildren, Aged 'between three months and ten years old, and then' shot.

The man, the cinquantunenne Donald Spirit, was a criminal known to the police for various offenses, including some relating to narcotic drugs. In 2001 he had killed his son Kyle, eight-year, Shooting him in the head in what was judged to be a hunting accident.

The "spiritualism of Monaco»

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Lo «spiritismo di Monaco»19/09/2014 - Of -
During a conference in Monaco 1938 Europe gave in to Hitler's territorial claims on part of the territory of the then Czechoslovakia inhabited by people of ethnic Germans, hoping with this tidbit to have preserved peace and appeased the appetites of the Führer; which the Führer on the contrary he saw in this course CEDIM

Naples is a monument to those who do not respect the law

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Napoli fa un monumento a chi non rispetta la leggeNaples - The strong warm september (with a high moisture content), is harming a lot to the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, who yesterday announced the establishment of a "place of memory" in honor of David Herdsman, who was killed a fortnight ago by the bullet exploded unintentionally by a corporal of the police (investigation for manslaughter). It seems inexplicable metamorphosis of Giggino, as passed by ruthless pm

Scandals, fights in the classroom and al Quirinale lovers. Thus was born the caste

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Scandali, risse in aula e amanti al Quirinale. Così è nata la castaThe caste and anti-politics? Certainly not invented them Beppe Grillo. But few would point the finger at the Founding Fathers, who in the early decades of the Republic have built the foundations of the state.

It does Filippo Maria Battaglia, journalist SkyTg24, in his You do not know who I was! -The Birth Caste in Italy (La Costa Basic Books). Thanks to unpublished data, material buried in the archives of the House, documents unearthed

Scotland chooses the UK, no secession

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La Scozia sceglie il Regno Unito, no alla secessioneAt seven o'clock Italian time, with 30 constituencies on the front of No 32 has collected 1,877,252 votes, while that of Yes got 1,512,688 votes.

-Drafting- The result was more pronounced at the end of the forecast and with 55% of the votes against and 45% in favor, the Scots have decided to remain in the UK.

Alex Salmond, the independence leader who dragged Scotland on the threshold of a historic decision, has

Synod on the battle divorced. And the Pope, the bishops warned: Enough fighting and cordate

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CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - And in the end, the Pope has taken the field. Which has asked the cardinals and bishops not to waste energy "to oppose and confront" but rather to use them "to build and to love." Without giving, moreover, the temptation to surround himself with "short, cordate or choruses of consensus." Output pronounced yesterday during the hearing to the bishops appointed in the last year and that 'Osservatore Romano judged "appropriate in view

Women and Christianity: the man's feet

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Donna BibbiaFrom interpretations 'feminists' of the Holy Scriptures to the recent statements by Pope Bergoglio, there is an ongoing attempt to rescue the female figure in the Christian world.

But the place of women in the history of Christianity has always been subordinate to that of men and the 'opening' of Francis does not seem to contain any new developments in reality: women are certainly fundamental in the Christian view,

Kasper, the pope, the cardinals. Mercy ac

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kasperCardinal Walter Kasper has reacted angrily to the news of the imminent publication in the United States and in Italy a book openly critical of his proposal to overcome the ban on communion for divorced and remarried, written by five cardinals of the first magnitude, the Archbishop Secretary of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches and three scholars.

"I have been informed by journalists: they were sent the text, I do not.

Horror in Hamburg. The bodies of two infants found in a suitcase

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polizei-Drafting- It 'a macabre and chilling discovery, what did the police officers HamburgIn Lower Saxony. Two corpses of babies, locked in a suitcase, and abandoned at the luggage room of the central train station of the city.

The children were wrapped in plastic bags and, for the moment, it is difficult to determine how long they were inside the suitcase. One of the two little bodies was

Exile in Malta for Cardinal Burke

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From impeccable prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature, is on the verge of being downgraded to purely honorary role of "patron" of a knightly order. By Pope Francis.

Sandro Magister -

VATICAN CITY, 17 September 2014 - & nbsp; The "revolution" of Pope Francis in ecclesiastical government does not lose its thrust.

Ruling and & quot; Emeritus & quot ;. The enigma of the two popes

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It is an unprecedented innovation in the history of the Church. With many uncertainties still unresolved and with serious risks already in place. An analysis of Roberto de Mattei.

Sandro Magister -

ROME, September 15, 2014 - That the figure of "emeritus pope" is an unprecedented innovation in the history of the Church, "established" by Benedict XVI himself in the act of renunciation, he recognized the pope himself Francesco, in the press conference on the plane that brought him back from Korea in Rome

Syria, the double game of Obama

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PatriarchiThe real goal of Barack Obama in the strange declared war against the Islamic State (IS) without involvement, coverage and control of the United Nations, but as a self-managed and self-founded coalition would be the overthrow of the Syrian regime, according to the specialized site Erebmedioriente.

The real goal of Barack Obama in the strange declared war against the Islamic State (IS) without the involvement,


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RatzingerA few days ago we coined - for obligations of the space tyrant in titolini blog - the term De-Ratzingerizzazione. That it bounced over the ocean, liked to American Religious site, Translated it and used it and also did a logo which is reproduced here with their permission next. But there is a fact that surprises ....

Marco Tosatti -

A few days ago we coined - for obligations of the space tyrant in titolini blog - the term De-Ratzingerizzazione.

Strasbourg: who does not want the Pope

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MelenchonFormer French minister and senator Mélenchon: "The Pope has nothing to do with the European parliament .... What the German Social Democrat Martin Schulz is the cause of this arrival clerical cover with shame the Party of European Socialists.

The right and the social democrats think they get the papal pardon for their offenses against the sovereignty of the people and social rights? ". Two considerations ....

De-Ratzingerizzazione in progress

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MorgaMarco Tosatti

From Spain comes the rumor that the Secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy, the Spaniard Celso Morga, would be to conclude his tenure in the Vatican; twenty-six years in all, but only four years in the important place it occupies today. & nbsp; & nbsp;

There is talk of a letter from the Secretary of State to the Congregation of Bishops asking you to verify the possibility of free short a diocese, no matter what level, to be able to send the Archbishop. & Nbsp; & nbsp;


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putinboycottOF PEPE ESCOBAR -

Whatever face Russia, doubt is never entered into the equation. The answer is sanctions. So here we are back where they started. The last package of sanctions Treasury USA and the EU takes aim at Russian banks, the energy industry and the military.

The penalties are paltry. The penalties are harsh. There's no understatement to describe them, are a declaration of economic war.

Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, will not have access to loans of Western capital in the long term, including any form of loan over 30 days.

Faith and certainty

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Interview with Emanuele Angeleri by Michele Turrisi -

Professor: You are a student of a technical and physical sciences; and yet he is interested in religion and read the Bible in Hebrew. A thing must be so familiar with the Sacred Text?

To answer this question, I can not avoid the use of an autobiographical memory. Before my eyes the kitchen of my house when I was a little boy of six years, many years ago.

The pact failed love between sacred and profane love

Radar Secularism - Lay initiative

Article by Vito Mancuso on his new essay (Republic 18/09/14)

"" The first primary criticism that needs to be moved to the Catholic sexual morality is that it simply does not work, as evidenced by the fact that the majority of Catholics disappoints. The ethics comes genuine from the concreteness of life and back to the reality of life. The current sexual ethics ecclesiastical instead reveals abstract, academic, bookish, do not hide my

Prostitution, Eur born red zones

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"Do not take it anymore.'m Tired of the inertia of institutions that fail to do something about the phenomenon of prostitution, degradation is increasing dramatically in some areas of my town hall, insecurity and living situation these girls" . For this reason, Andrea Santoro, president of the ninth city hall, has decided to take the plunge and 'test' the idea first launched (in words so far) four months ago by the mayor of

Faithful Father, the Supreme Court annuls the sentence for the alleged violence on the nun

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Start all over again. Highest level of justice, the court case of Father Fedele Bisceglia, L 'former Franciscan friar - It has been suspended divinis and removed from the order of the Capuchins - accused of raping a nun, will be in jeopardy. The Court of CassationAfter a long closed session ended on the night between 18 and 18 August, has decided to cancel and return the sentenced to 9 years and 3 months

Daniza, Cortina d 'Ampezzo comes forward to accept the puppies

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Daniza, Cortina d”Ampezzo si fa avanti per accogliere i cuccioli18/09/2014 - Of -

The Deputy Mayor Enrico Pompanin responded positively to the request made by the environmentalist party Europe.

The City of Cortina d'Ampezzo has come forward to accept on its territory the two bear cubs, orphaned Daniza, who died during an attempt to capture.
The deputy mayor

Bologna, the juvenile court recognizes a single woman adoption made in the USA

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The Juvenile Court of Bologna has recognized valid to all intents and also in Italy the adoption of a minor child made in States Unitthe Italian resident by a single woman in America. The judgment of March 21, 2013 and was reported by the Advocate Elena Merlini website 'Article 29' which deals with family, sexual orientation, gender identity and rights.

The ruling of the court of Bologna,

Before mom with heterologous: cross-fertilization? I would have done the same

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Lilli has no doubts: "As I was helped me to become a parent, I would have donated a gamete to another couple"

CATERINA PASOLINI"I would have done if I could as Paola and AlessandroI would have donated a gamete to help another couple to become parents. As I have been helped by an unknown lady to be able to be a mother, "Lilli, 35, is one of the first women became pregnant with the heterologous in Italy after the judgment

The Giannini defends topless: Why should I give up?

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La Giannini difende il topless: Perché dovrei rinunciare?And tits to the wind either. Once cleared you can not do without. Even so, I must say, after they are no longer create the peek morbid and voyeuristic thrill that usually shakes the male in front of a bare breast.

Therefore, we must take into account that, sooner or later, you might get another paparazzi Stefania Giannini topless. Next summer maybe this winter or if the Minister of Education do

#BeFreefromViolence, The new campaign against violence against women

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It is called #BeFreefromViolence and is the new campaign for raising awareness about violence against women. To promote a cooperative social Be Free, Which since 2007 has put at the center of its activities, the issue of gender-based violenceOf human trafficking and discrimination. Sponsored by the School to Children, Young People and to Equal Opportunities for Roma Capitale and promoted in co

Discovering the cause of the massacre of vaccines in Syria

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Scoperta la causa della strage dei vaccini in Siria18/09/2014 - Of -

Also reduced the number of victims, the cause in human error, not the quality of medicines as suggested in the first place.

The good news is that they are 15 and not 36 victims of the recent massacre among vaccinated children in Syria. An investigation has also determined that it was a human error to cause the death of

Referendum in Scotland also the separatists of the region: "We too can do it"

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And 'their big moment, no doubt. The phone Carmen GaspariniThe combative responsible organizational "We Veneto Independent ', is under pressure:" I keep getting subscriptions for tonight, we booked a room with 150 seats, but not enough for sure, "says the The independence of Veneto are meeting this evening in the Irish pub in Master to follow the results