Here are 10 multinational world's most dangerous

MultinazionaliNo matter where you live, it is impossible to escape globalization. The only way out is to choose conscientiously inquire before buying.

Begin to cultivate and grow their own foods, reduce the consumption of oil and its derivatives, reforest, buy only what you need, listen to your inner voice instead of that of advertising.

Small steps to escape the great monsters, and always remember that the power of choice is ours, we do not give them the satisfaction of falling into their clutches.

1. Chevron
There are several the big oil companies that would be in this list, but Chevron deserves a place d 'exception.

Between 1972 and 1993, Chevron (then Texaco) has poured 18 billion gallons of toxic water in the tropical forests of Ecuador without the slightest modification, destroying the livelihoods of local farmers and sickening indigenous populations.

In 1998, Chevron has also contaminated the United States, the city of Richmond (California) has sued the company for illegal disposal of pollutants without having carried out the treatment of waste water, thus contaminating water supplies. The same thing happened in New Hampshire in 2003.

Chevron was responsible for the death of several Nigerians who protested against the company for his presence and for the exploitation of the Nigerian delta.

The Company has paid the local militia known for its human rights abuses, in order to silence the protests, providing them with even helicopters and boats. The military opened fire on the protesters, and then razed to the ground their villages.


2. De Beers

This company spares no expense, and finances, supports and creates authentic guerrillas and dictatorships of terror in order to continue to obtain, through the exploitation of children and adults, the precious stone.

In Botswana, De Beers has been blamed for the "cleansing" of the lands from which it extracts the diamonds, and the forced relocation of indigenous peoples who lived there for thousands of years. It seems that the government has cut water supplies, threatened, tortured and publicly hanged dissidents.

Not to mention his almost total lack of responsibility towards the environment, the non-existent workers' rights, human lives, and its campaigns filthy and sexist.


3. Philip Morris

Philip Morris is the largest cigarette manufacturer in the United States and the world.

It is well known that cigarettes cause cancer in smokers, and birth defects in children of mothers who smoke during pregnancy.

Cigarette smoke contains 43 known carcinogens and over 4,000 chemicals, including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, nicotine and arsenic.

Nicotine, a chemical which is the main psychoactive component in tobacco, from psychological dependence. Smoking increases blood pressure, damages the central nervous system and the blood vessels to constrict.

The cigarette butts are one of the main pollutants that smokers throw away daily and are slow to degrade. Many of these filters make their way into the soil or water, where their chemical components behave like real leeches.

The tobacco contaminates the land with the extensive hectares of monoculture, sprinkled daily with agro-toxins, and also its industrial polluter (using, in fact, huge amounts of paper, cotton, cardboard, metal, fuel ...), its consumption pollutes the 'atmosphere, it damages those who buy and those around them.

Its butts take years to degrade in soil and water dispersing a huge amount of toxic substances.


4. Coca-Cola

The preferred beverage of the world or "the milk of capitalism," accumulates lawsuits and sanctions in several countries because of the serious contamination of the bad working practices and the use of waters not authorized.

In the production phase, the company uses almost three liters of water per liter of finished product.

The wastewater pollutants that are made up of the corporation deposited in protected areas, as happened in Colombia, a situation for which he was fined last August by the Regional Secretariat for the Environment of the municipality of Bogotá. It has been demonstrated that the company had discharged waste water nell'Humedal de Capellanía in the area of ​​Fontibón.

The fact is considered an attack on an area of ​​special importance and ecological protection. The process of pollution dell'Humedal de Capellanía began with the expiry of the permit granted to the corporation of reversal for five years and with the non approval of the Secretariat for the Environment to renew this permit.

Then, thanks to the technical inspections, has verified the status of the sewer system of Coca-Cola and the realization of industrial discharges, clearly unauthorized.

A very similar situation occurred in India in 2005, where a thousand protesters marched to demand the closure of the factory near Varanasi. They denounced that all the neighboring communities to the Coca-Cola bottling plants were undergoing the expropriation of their lands and the pollution of groundwater.

Toxicological analysis showed the presence of high percentages of banned pesticides such as DDT, and by "good neighbors", they distributed their industrial discharges to the peasants of Mehdigani saying that would serve as "fertilizer." The result is that today those soils are infertile.

As if that were not enough, the drink in question, in addition to consuming excess water, it provides no nutrition, indeed, contains high concentrations of sugar, one of the major contributor to obesity that affects more and more people in the countries in developing, generating also, dental problems. The quenching effect is given by phosphoric acid.

Did you know that ...

  • Spain is the European country that consumes more Coca-Cola?
  • Products such as Fanta, Sprite, Aquarius, Nestea, Minute Maid, Tab, Sonfil, Finley, Nordic Mist or Fruitopia (there are 324 different) belong to Coca-Cola?
  • A can of 33 cl. contains 35 gr. sugar?
  • In 1931 Coca-Cola changed the green suit of Santa Claus with the red in an advertising campaign, to match it to the color of your company?
  • Some universities in Atlanta, Toronto, California, Ireland and Berlin have already expelled Coca-Cola from their campuses?
  • The plastic bottles of Coca-Cola are not recycled, but plastic virgin?
  • It must have been a coincidence that former Mexican President Fox was also a former representative of Coca-Cola? and Adolfo Calero, former CEO of Coca-Cola, was a CIA agent and public face of the ContraNicaragüense? and the U.S. ambassador in India? and the tycoon Cisneros coup in Venezuela? and the Minister Jorge Presno in Urugay?
  • It has delegations in more than 200 countries, among them tax havens such as Bahrain or the Cayman Islands, to evade taxes for their own benefit?
  • In 2003 they obtained benefits for 21,044,000 dollars (half the costs planned by the UN to ensure primary education for all children of the world)?
  • Guide powerful groups of power: he opposed the Kyoto treaty through its lobby U.S. Council for International Business and the Business Round Table, changed regulations in the EU through the American Chamber of Commerce, is the founder of the International Life Science Institute, which greatly influences the FAO and the WHO, etc..?
  • Contains genetically modified products?
The next time you buy a drink, reminiscent of Humedales pollution, unauthorized use of groundwater, violence, that a liter is equivalent to three ... is not it better lemonade?


5. Pfizer

As if the massive animal testing was not heartbreaking enough, Pfizer decided to use Nigerian children as if they were guinea pigs.

In 1996, the pharmaceutical company went to Kano, Nigeria, to test an experimental antibiotic in the third world, to fight diseases such as measles, cholera, and bacterial meningitis.

They gave trovafloxacin to approximately 200 children. Dozens of them died in the experiment, while many others developed physical deformities and mental impairments.

Pfizer can also boast of being among the top ten U.S. companies responsible for air pollution. Not to mention the millionaires that provides incentives to doctors and governments to prescribe her "medication."


6. McDonald’s

Every year thousands of children consume fast food ("fast food") of a company responsible for the deforestation of the forests, the exploitation of workers, and the death of millions of animals: McDonald's.

Marketing Strategies cleverly concocted have allowed the expansion of McDonald's in 40 countries, where the empathetic image of Ronald McDonald and his Happy Meal, sells children a taste for fast food, associating idea of ​​fun.

This advertising has had great success in different parts of the world, contributing to the high rates of childhood obesity.

The power that this company offers is totally lacking in nutrients. In addition, this food is known throughout the world as "junk food", and it is no coincidence that receives this name.

The burgers and the "nuggets" offered by McDonald's comes from animals kept in artificial conditions throughout their life: private open air and sunlight, are piled up to the point of not being able to stretch your legs or wings (in the case of chickens), stuffed with hormones to accelerate growth and antibiotics to stop the multiple infections to which they are exposed because of the unsanitary conditions that generates the overcrowding.

The chickens are fattened to the point where the legs are no longer able to support their weight. For the grant of the franchise, McDonald's buys cheap land that first housed tropical forests and deforestation, to consecrate them for breeding. It offers minimum wages to its employees, taking advantage of ethnic minorities and children.

The products of McDonald's, with their high content of fat, sugar and salt, contribute to overweight children, insulin resistance and the resultant Type 2 Diabetes. Oh, did I tell you that was one of the financing of the campaign of George W. Bush?


7 Nestlé

Neslté and its huge expanse of crimes against man and nature, such as massive deforestation in Borneo - the habitat of the orangutan has been seriously compromised - to grow palm oil, buying milk from farms illegally confiscated by a despot in Zimbabwe.

Nestlé began to cause environmentalists with his ridiculous claims that bottled water is "green", from then on his left network control and destruction has been unraveling.

Nestlé has campaigned worldwide to convince the mothers of developing countries to use their infant milk instead of breast milk, without providing information on the possible negative effects.

It seems that Nestle has taken women dressed as nurses to bring free milk powder in these countries, milk is often mixed with contaminated water. The media have not talked to the children died of hunger because, once you finished the milk, their mothers could not afford to buy another.


8. British Petroleum

Who could forget the explosion in 2010 of an oil platform in the Gulf Coast of Mexico, which caused 11 deaths in addition to thousands of birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other animals, destroying the fishing and tourism industry in the region ? This was not the first crime against nature committed by BP.

Between January 1997 and March 1998, BP has caused the beauty of 104 oil spills. Thirteen employees of the drilling team died in an explosion in 1965, 15 in an explosion in 2005.

Still in 2005, a ferry carrying workers of the company, was shipwrecked, killing 16 of them. In 1991, the EPA (Environmental Agency of the United States) mentioned the BP as the most polluting company in the U.S..

In 1999, the company was accused of illegal use of toxic substances in Alaska, then in 2010 you have entered dangerous poisons into the air, Texas. In July 2006, Colombian farmers obtained an agreement with BP after it has been accused of resorting to a regime of terror carried out by Colombian government paramilitaries protecting the pipeline Ocensa. There is no way to act correctly BP.


9. Monsanto

Monsanto is the company that created and sustains genetically modified foods, growth hormones for cattle, poisoning with agrochemicals products.

The list of Monsanto includes: the creation of the seeds "suicide" (Terminator), patented for the purpose of generating plants that do not produce seeds, thus forcing farmers to buy them again each year, the establishment of lobby to label with the words "free from hormone "milk and formula milk for babies (this word is also found if the animal has ingested growth hormones, a proven carcinogen).

As well as a wide range of environmental and human health violations associated with use of Monsanto's poisons - especially Agent Orange.

Between 1965 and 1972, Monsanto illegally poured tons of highly toxic waste in landfills in the United Kingdom. According to the Agency for the Environment, thirty years later, the chemicals were still contaminating the groundwater and the air.

Monsanto is known for attacking their farmers said that instead of "support," as when he denounced a farmer doing jail for having preserved the seeds of the harvest season for planting the following season.


10. Voucher

The mine Vale, the Brazilian transnational present in 38 countries, is the largest enterprise of exploitation of minerals in Latin America and the second largest worldwide.

Among the many merits, stands to have participated in the development of the hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte, located in Altamira, Brazil.

The project, in fact, hit the Xingu River, the main source of livelihood in the region, causing a dramatic change in the Amazonian landscape and the lives of thousands of people living along the banks of one of the major rivers of Brazil.

A Carajás, in the Brazilian state of Pará, many families have been evicted, lost their homes and each has a relative died due to the construction of the railway line built by the company, also denounced for the poor remuneration and working conditions of their employees.

The consequences of the mode of action of the mine are not limited only to Brazil. In the region of Tete, Mozambique, an entire population has been driven out of their land so that the company could continue the exploitation of coal.

In exchange, the company has built a settlement in which the houses and public services are not sufficient to ensure the basic conditions for the development of the population.

Unfortunately, there are many other corporations that have earned every right to be on this list, such as Samsung, Tepco, Barclays, Microsoft, Intel, Sony ... etc.. [Source: - Selected and Translated by from Silvia Soccio].

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