Papa Francesco demagogue according to the perplexed Vittorio Messori

MessoriThe guests in the living room of Bruno Vespa change in the case of broadcasts on religious subjects , except one, Vittorio Messori , which is fixed a bit ' as Simonetta Matone and Paul Crepet in programs dedicated to young girls killed .

One wonders why Vespa invite him always in sympathy and a secret sadistic pleasure to make him do tapine figures ?
The evening of 11 June was dedicated to "The revolution of Pope Francis," and he spoke of the phrases "revolutionary" pronounced by the Pope: "St. Peter had no bank account," "A rich Church is a Church without life. "

The good Vittorio , after stating several times that maybe he was wrong , that he spoke with much hesitation , with full respect for the pope, who treasured so much , came up with this comment : "I know that there is a distinction between a difficult and dangerous edifying discourse and demagogy ... for example the slogan ... the Pope who would say St. Peter had no bank account . " Here Bruno Vespa interrupted him , pointing out that the verb in the conditional was wrong. He admitted in the tone of one who makes a concession , and continued: " But Jesus and his group had a treasurer ... Luke says that Jesus was followed by rich women who sovvenivano to your needs ... Jesus then had some sponsors ... There was an administrator ... St. Peter certainly did not have a bank account, but also drew him to the common fund . "

At that point his eyes caught the priest who sat beside him, the Director of Catholic Civilization, assumed an expression between the sufferer and the absent, as if it were lost in other thoughts. The other guests if they looked at him amazed and amused at the same time. And he, the hesitant, concluded: "Sometimes I'm a bit 'confused because I would not want you slip into demagoguery." A pope demagogue, according to the perplexed. But the biggest blunder came later: "What reassures me in some way, is his being a Jesuit ... thanks to the virtue of prudence, I think that will stop in time. " At that, Massimo Franco, more and more amused: "It 'a warning to the Pope?".

Of course, dear Massimo Franco, Francis Pope is in a bad way, we hope to stop in time, before the Church becomes like the other Jesus, the one who sent Peter to find a stater in fish, because they had money in his pocket, like the one that had not where to lay his head. But when the Pope speaks of a poor Church is not simply allude to the case of a Church devoid of superfluous?

Renato Pierri
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