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The 'incomparable divine justice

Giudizio Universale"Divine justice is infinitely superior to that of humans because, unlike this one, knows the mercy at the last moment even the most hardened sinner can be saved, while human justice demands that every sin will be expiated, and the same goes for the Hindu and Buddhist law of karma. "
This is a thesis that Christian feels reaffirm often. The first consideration that you can make is that it constitutes a certain narcissism on the part of God, when the sinner paying his respects to him declaring regret having offended him, he turns a blind eye to his faults, refusing to condemn it.
Ma, soprattutto, la giustizia divina ha un grande difetto rispetto a quella umana: non conosce la gradualità delle pene.

Catholics swoop

ProtestantiClerics of Mauritius
in the "Made Daily" of August 17, 2010
It is not true that God is dead murmured as the pessimists 40 years ago. Sometimes moving house.
Protestant evangelical churches, Pentecostal sects are gaining the most Christian continent of the world: Latin America. In 2001, around the Church of Rome was collected 49.6 percent of the population while the different souls Lutheran came to 31. Entries now anticipating the 2011 census tell of sensational transfers to the galaxy of Protestantism, which stands for more than 40 percent of the faithful. Exodus that does not end in traditional churches of Old Europe: Calvin and Luther were always a minority in colonial America. Preference for evangelicals, especially Pentecostals. The "seven" went from 3 million in 1991 to 21 million in 2010.

A chosen people and circumcised God looks at the 'America


Nico Carlucci

The Europeans do not know that a large number of Americans are circumcised. Some time ago I tried to explain this practice of anthropologists who are blinded by the "universalism of history" have ended up not understanding what I was saying. In them it was assumed that those who were baptized could not be circumcised. In fact, the people of the United States knows, experiences of both rites.

This makes the Americans once again "exceptional" as the two costumes in the past and in different cultures, they even fought. Here I will try to explain the reasons that accompany this sacred practice.

Crisis in the traditional relationship between Church and society in Italy: a survey

Fedeli alla MessaDecline in vocations, faithful fleeing confidence at historic lows in the wake of the sexual abuse scandals. The Christian roots of Europe have been strained in recent decades, giving few fruits and sometimes bitter.
It is therefore no coincidence that Pope Benedict XVI has decided to create a new Vatican department that will occupy the new evangelization of the Old Continent.
Restringendo il campo di analisi dallo scenario internazionale a quello domestico, per capire qual è la situazione con la quale il nascente organismo della Curia dovrà fare i conti, abbiamo incontrato il professor Paolo Segatti, docente di Sociologia politica presso l’Università di Milano.

Exit the religion

CristianesimoBernard Riviere
La Buona Novella deve essere annunciata a tutti. Alcuni preti operai spiegano come la Chiesa, diventando una religione nel corso dei secoli, si è appropriata, snaturandolo, del messaggio di Gesù Cristo, e lo ha quindi reso inudibile da coloro che cercano Dio in verità. Cogliere l'occasione! “La sortie de religion, est-ce une chance?”(L'uscita dalla religione, è un'opportunità?), è un libro frutto della partecipazione di molte mani, di cui sarebbe troppo lungo elencare tutti gli autori. Citiamone però alcuni, innanzitutto e fondamentalmente quelli di una “mano” formata da cinque preti operai del Calvados, alla base della progettazione del libro. Troviamo frequenti citazioni di teologi:

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