What happens after death? Here are four theories

Teorie per il post mortemL 'Huffington Post summarizes all the most reliable theories.
Death: What Next? There are several hypotheses put forward in the history for the "after". What happens after death? Nothing? Is there another life? There is a world to come? There is a different way of living life that takes over? Anything is possible, given that there is nothing certain. Huffington Post, the popular American media, are summarized in the 4 most credible hypothesis of world culture.
AFTER LIFE - First, no surprises, a hypothesis that tries to explain what happens after death is that there is a new life after death. Wandering in the depths of being, who has fallen into a deep coma told something of this experience.
After seven years of virtual brain death, Dr. Alexander has emerged from a coma, virtually untouched [...]

from this' experience. His memory of the coma varies from dark brown vision, to a journey through "the center", where he met the vision of God Waking up, he realized that there was another life beyond that he has known and studied. Many scientists conclude that "when the brain dies, so does the soul, the mind and the essence of the self." But this experience shows that it is not the truth.

There are some who talks about extrasensory experiences, with "the mind that can survive beyond the body": a study of several near-fatal accidents, psychologists collect the experiences of those who says he felt "a great sense of calm and Peace, "in what is called" detachment from the self. " Another view theorizes that "since time and space are only measures that serve man to live his life in the world," the fact that they do not have more perception leads to state that, quite simply, "we do not ever die. " Finally, there are those who remain tied to the land and says, simply, that when death comes, nothing happens.

The near-death experiences are only a function of the release of endorphins in the brain. "So when these chemicals are released, diffenenti types of phenomena may happen: someone sees a light, or feel a sense of peace. As if it were surrounded by the people he loves. " These visions, although potentially comfortable for the individual, are little more than tricks of the brain.