Francis is the "black pope" of the prophecy?

Papa BergoglioIn network depopulate Nostradamus predictions of Malachi and the last pope: Bergoglio is a Jesuit and the superior general of the order is called its "black pope" for the color of his cassock.

of Alberto Sofia -
Not a few were expecting a "black pope", especially among those who follow the prophecies of Malachi and Nostradamus.Eppure even the 'election of Francis, the' Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio, dismissed the shadows of those who believe that it can be "l ' last pope of the Catholic Church. "
This is because many have noted that Pope Francis was the first Jesuit pope, an unprecedented change. So what are the links with the prophecy, which speaks of "a black pope as the 'last pope?"

To be called "black pope" is just the superior general of the Society of Jesus, for the color of his cassock and wearing as elected for life (just like the pope). So, a little 'for speculation, as a joke or simple curiosity, social networks prophecy of' last pope has already bounced back between the posts of the users, including the results of trend on Twitter.

PROPHECIES OF MALACHI, NOSTRADAMUS AND THE NEW POPE - Pope Francis has already joked with the faithful, when, at the time of his election he said "to be chosen by the end of the world." "Not by the end of the world," reads the network between the various comments, ironic. So different readers - and gullible conspiracy in the first place - have been recalled to mind the prophecy of Malachi, who already depopulated on the Net at the time of the shock resignation of Benedict XVI, the first to the papacy still living in the 'modern era. Among the legends and rumors on the web you remember the prophecy of Nostradamus on 'last black pope before the end of the world. A "apocalyptic prediction" that has gone by mixing with the prophecies of Malachi.
Around 1140 it was the Irish bishop (later St. Malachy of Armagh) to prophesy the papal succession. That is, a list of 112 short phrases in Latin, considered as a sort of premonition. A list with whom you would want to describe all the popes (including some anti-popes), beginning with Pope Celestine II (elected in 1143) to one defined as "the 'last pope of the Catholic Church." Defined precisely "Petrus Romanus": his death are not few and gullible believers who believe can happen the 'advent of the "Last Judgment." C 'is the one who refers to the text of the prediction, which is explained as "the Holy Roman Church will be persecuted, as Peter II - no one has used this name after the first pope, ed -' feed his flock among many tribulations' , and as the dreadful Judge will judge his people. " A series of predictions - many of which, according to the 'interpretation of the plot, really happened - that reach up to the time when Peter would return to earth, to take the keys of the Church.

FRANCIS POPE: 'HE THE BLACK POPE? - So, the prophecies and premonitions went mingling, so that Bergoglio, the "pope of 'another world' - as he described himself yesterday the Pope Francis - is interpreted, being a Jesuit, as the black pope. For those who believe in prophecy, "the 'nth coincidence" that another skin color, as everyone thought. The black pope, that the end of the world, it would be the Jesuit Francis, as the head of the Jesuits is called so. The reason? He wears a black cassock. A simple case, for anyone who drives away the shadows and not considered credible reconstructions premonitory. But not for everyone, as evidenced by the success of the network. Yet, for a certain period, c 'was who he believed might be the same as Benedict XVI' s last pope of the theory of Malachi. But for some it would be a lost transcripts of the prophecies of the same Malachi (the "Caput nigrum"), so that Benedict XVI was demoted to next to last Pope, the one described by St. Malachy as the Gloria olivae, while Pope Francesco I became hence the 'last Pope What for some is the end of the world, or with that of Rome.

FATHER FRANCIS: COMMENTS ON SOCIAL - On social networks, especially Twitter, comments abound, including those who make simple irony or those who seem to really believe it. "Better World is a Jesuit. If someone was waiting for the "black pope" of prophecy, here it is for real ", many users share. And then there 'is one who, with a play on words, explains: "According to the prophecy, the' last pope will do it black." Not to mention those, however, does sarcasm on the pollsters: "Between elections and that of the pope, a" black "period. Other than Malachi and pontiff of the end of the world. " Talking about rumors and "usual rubbish" so many other faithful, who instead emphasize that "it is a humble pope." On the color 'black' c 'is also those who attribute political connotations, calling the shadows of his past, with accusations of complicity and silence during the years of the dictatorship in Argentina.