Shock news from CNN: "An asteroid will hit us." It is yellow to NASA

NibiruThe news is not comforting. A newly discovered asteroid from space telescopes would be rapidly approaching the Earth. So fast and so close that by December might even crashing on our planet: the chance of this happening is equal to 30 percent.

Similar ads of terrorist we have read a lot in recent months. The approach of the fateful date of December 21, 2012 has often unleashed the most frightening fantasies and uncontrolled. Every rock, meteorite and comet moving in space in turn have been pointed out as mortal threats. But this time seems a little 'different.

First, because to spread the alarm has been the site of British journalism ITN taken from the online CNN (The largest group of worldwide information). Second, because in spreading this news to say the least chilling sources are cited as "secret informants" of NASA. Employees of the U.S. space that - anonymously - would have broken the silence imposed by the delivery of the Agency's leaders not to create panic among the population.

According to the leaked data, the asteroid would have enormous size, since it is estimated as large as the state of Texas. SWT also the risk of collision. Adding to the concern, then, the nickname given to this monster of space: as it happens, Nibiru, the mysterious planet as quoted by the Sumerian texts, harbinger - at every passage - of disasters.

If we consider, then, that NASA has not confirmed - of course - but neither denied - oddly enough - the news, there really is to stay calm. In this context, it adds a significant detail: the page containing the news, published by ITN News at 17:35 on November 5, has disappeared. The only image that is still visible "Photographed" and posted by CNN.


In the article readable, then, appears the name of a scientist at NASA - Newark Rob Murray - and an excerpt of the interview. "I think it's a little too early to say that there will be the end of the world. There is only a 10 percent chance that an impact occurs. But we must also remember what would happen if an asteroid hit us. Would not it be like if the Earth ... "From this point on, the article is cut.

A quick web search has not given any results about the name "Rob Newark Murray". But there is a Robert Murray in the credits of some links posted on the official site of the American space. The author has perhaps wrong in writing the name of the interviewee? Or the interviewee simply does not exist? Two possible hypotheses: a sensational cover-up, or (hopefully) a colossal hoax. [Sabrina Pieragostini its Extremely].

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