Editors' 5 - October 22, 2013
http://www.byoblu.com/post/2013/10/16/il-web-ha-mese-mezzo-vita.aspx The Authority for the Communications, AGCOM, decided to make publishers and broadcasters in just 72 hours can delete the contents on the web, even entire sites, without any review by the judiciary, with a simple message. Under the guise of copyright, the goal is once again the control and censorship of free information. A similar provision exists in no other country in the world. If Parliament does not intervene, the resolution will be operational within a month and a half. Claudio Fulvio Sarzana Messora interview, lawyer expert in issues related to the network. Please forward this interview. http://www.byoblu.com/post/2013/10/16/il-web-ha-mese-mezzo-vita.aspx